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This Week's Laser Hair Removal Prices

Face SALENormal PricePrepay 6Prepay 10
Lip & Chin SPECIAL$9$9$9
Sides of Face$49$41$33
Full Face$62$50$39
Upper Body SALENormal PricePrepay 6Prepay 10
Hands & Fingers$49$41$33
Neck – Front or Back$51$41$31
Snail Trail$49$40$32
1/4 Arms$69$57$51
1/2 Arms$120$96$73
1/2 Back$120$96$73
Chest and Stomach$159$148$96
Back & Shoulders$199$160$120
Lower Body SALENormal PricePrepay 6Prepay 10
Feet & Toes$39$33$27
Female Brazilian$59$49$39
Female Brazilian & Underarms$59$49$39
1/2 Legs$139$111$83
Male Brazilian$159$103$90
Female 1/2 Leg + Brazilian & Underarms$189$145$119
Full Legs$199$160$120
Female Full Legs + Brazilian & Underarms$239$193$147

This weeks special pricing for new clients
Of course like any great offer, this one comes with a few conditions:
• The offer applies to laser hair removal treatments only
• To avail of the discounted price, you must be able to provide us with details of competitors’ advertised price
• The competitor whose price we will match must be using the same medical grade laser machines as ours

New clients to laser by Sia

At Laser By Sia, our services and treatments are competitively priced without compromising on quality. We provide free consultations and a number of payment options to help you customise your experience with us and provides you the freedom to select an option that is best for you and your budget.
Call our experts today to set an appointment for a free consultation.

Some people balk at undergoing laser treatments for permanent hair removal, mainly because of the costs involved. But if you compute the cumulative cost of laser hair removal over, say, the next 20 years or so, it becomes a fraction of the cost of waxing, shaving, plucking or using depilatory creams over the same amount of time.

Think about it: getting a professional wax every month for years on end is expensive. Even buying waxes, creams and razors to use at home weekly or monthly eventually adds up to a lotas well! When you think about it this way, the costs for permanent laser hair removal are almost more practical!

The cost of laser hair removal procedures can also vary because there are varying grades of technology. It is important to remember that you get what you pay for, and that there is a wide range of equipment available to be used on your skin; everything from cheaper, less reliable models to pricier, state-of-the-art technology.

And while a higher price does not necessarily translate to quality, a bargain-basement treatment offer should make you wary. If it sounds too good to be true, then it might just is. Consider that low-quality treatments might create secondary issues that you will have to deal with later on which can result in even more expenses . At the very least, it would take more sessions with a low-grade machine to give you the results you want. At the worst case scenario, it can cause unnecessary complications.

But by going to Laser By Sia, one of Sydney’s respected laser clinics , you are guaranteed of good service and are assured that you will get the results you want. Our reputation is founded on years of excellent performance and dedicated training of our staff, gives you the peace of mind you will not find anywhere else.

However, Laser by Sia is founded on the belief that permanent hair removal should be accessible to everyone. For this reason our clinic offers payment options for our already reasonably priced services.
We use ONLY the top of the line alexandrite laser, and not IPL. Candela Alexandrite technology is the only laser clinically proven to be the best technology for removing unwanted hair.

Our alexandrite laser hair removal system can remove unsightly hair from almost anywhere, so call us now!

Hair Removal Costs

These can be quite high, and are increasing all the time as salons push unnecessary, complicated procedures and special waxes/creams, especially for treatments intended for the face.

They are not exclusively monetary in value, either. Some procedures can be dangerous and have the potential to leave you with burns and rashes. With this in mind, you will never think that the risks involved are worth shaving a few dollars off the price of a reliable, trusted facial hair removal services.

Laser hair removal costs can vary. An IPL is often cheaper, but this is because it uses various wavelengths of light instead of a single, targeted wavelength like alexandrite, and is thereby less effective.

Typically, your pocket will feel the effect of an IPL procedure way before you can see lasting results on your skin, as you will need more sessions.

Laser by Sia’s alexandrite laser provides better coverage and elimination by emitting an exact wavelength of light (755 nanometres). This makes it many times more effective than IPL, giving you instantly visible results and requiring you to go through only a few sessions before the effect is permanent.

How much does it really cost to have the procedure done at Laser by Sia?

We charge by the area and set prices according to the size and amount of work to be done. We also provide you with a selection of services and payment options. We offer some of the best prices available for our treatments and procedures – while using the best technology available and without sacrificing on quality.
Approximately, the price for treating your bikini line would be around $60, and including your legs, your bill should amount to around $189.

How many treatments will I need?

You will need a number of sessions, each one performed about 5-6 weeks apart, until the follicle is no longer able to support growth. One or two maintenance appointments a year following the successful completion of your treatments are recommended to keep the area as smooth and hair-free as possible.

By investing a little more in a laser hair removal treatment, you gain not only financial savings in the long run, but also freedom from the endless bother of plucking, waxing, or shaving. No longer will you spend countless minutes inspecting and evaluating your hair’s regrowth, or hours of worrying to keep your furrier parts hidden!

About Laser Hair Removal

Unlike other laser technology, using alexandrite for hair removal is the most effective hair removal method around – as it uses no chemicals, leaves no residues and unlike other methods, does not travel past the dermis and into your bloodstream or glands. This is why the alexandrite laser can be used on areas where the skin is especially delicate or sensitive such as around the eyes or genitals. Also, unlike creams and waxes, laser is natural and permanent. Use laser and you will not have to worry about the repetitive application of harsh and painful chemicals and their exorbitant prices ever again!

Contact us now, and find out more about our exceptional services!

How does it remove unwanted hair?

Our equipment uses a technology called Photothermolysis. This takes light energy and converts it into heat energy which damages the hair follicle. After a series of treatments, the follicle becomes sterile and unable to support hair growth.

How does it remove ingrown hairs?

Laser kills ingrown hairs instantly. Every growing hair has an oil gland attached to it that releases sebum (oil) to lubricate the hair as it pushes through the skin. When a hair is trapped underneath the skin as an ingrown, the hair keeps growing and the sebum keeps being released. This causes the ingrown to get larger and, sometimes, infected.

Our method stops the hair’s growth and sebum production, therefore stopping the ingrown. Following your treatment, the hair will break up and dissipate into the blood stream and disappear. If you have infection, or the ingrown has become a boil, it will heal on the day you take a laser to it!

Will it hurt?

Our treatments are almost painless! Our Gentlelase alexandrite lasers are equipped with Dynamic Cooling, which freezes the skin on contact, allowing the beam to pass through without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.

Still have doubts?

Think about what you spend on hair removal every month. Your regular hair removal costs can include: facial hair, legs, chest, arms, or even back hair removal costs! Whether you do it at home or go to a salon, most hair removal methods must be done regularly every single month. No matter what the salons say, ripping hair out by the roots does not cause hair to grow back finer or lighter. Knowing this, the cost of hair removal can add up to thousands of dollars, just in a single year! In comparison, laser hair removal pricing becomes cheaper!

Why choose Laser by Sia?

When it comes to permanent hair removal, our price and technology is second to none. Our lasers emit a precise wavelength of light to remove unwanted hair. Laser By Sia has the most advanced laser technology for permanent hair removal out of all the clinics around today. In fact, our clinic is recognised in Sydney for our permanent hair reduction. We are honest and upfront with all our clients – we tell you exactly what you need to know about the procedure, and the realistic results you should expect out of it.

Benefits at Laser by Sia

At Laser by Sia, you can be assured of:
• Cost-effective treatments
• Procedures carried out by experienced, fully trained staff
• A comfortable, discreet environment
• Our Lasers are registered with The Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG)
At our laser hair centre, you will be more successfully treated and will need fewer sessions than with other laser equivalents. So if you are wondering about the prices of laser hair removal, but are not sure if you can afford it or are confused at all the options out there, book in for a free assessment now!

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