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Hair Removal

Laser by Sia offers hair removal for everyone, men woman of all ages can experience hair removal cost effectively and permanently.

We take a different approach to removing removal instead of constantly shaving or waxing we provide more permanent hair removal methods, in the long run removing hair by lasers can be more cost effective than done by traditional methods.

hair removal


When it comes to your treatments we only use lasers by Candela which use the Alexandrite technology, we do NOT use inferior IPL lasers.

To find out more about pricing see see our price list.

We are honest with our clients, meaning we tell you upfront what results you can realistically expect from our hair removal service.

Hair removal and Ingrowns!

Hair removal with Laser is the only treatment which permanently stops ingrown hairs as well as getting rid of hair. Laser stops hair getting trapped under the skin which would normally result in infection due to the trapped oil and hair.

Benefits at Laser by Sia

At Laser by Sia, you will receive the following benefits:
•   Hair removal treatments that work
•   Cost effective treatments by Qualified staff and medical practitioners
•   A luxurious, discrete environment
•   All our lasers registered with The Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG)

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