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Many people resort to shaving unwanted hair because it is fast when you are in a hurry. But sadly, this ‘quick and dirty’ hair removal can lead to some nasty affects! Ingrown hairs and shaving rashes are often the result of removal methods such as waxing, shaving and plucking. Fortunately, Laser By Sia has a solution!

Shaving cuts off the hair at the skin line, leaving a jagged edge that often results in ingrowns and infection. Understandably, many men and women have given up shaving hair when this is the common result.

Now, not only is the removal of unwanted hair fast and easy, you can also fix your ingrowns permanently thanks to our Laser by Sia clinics in Sydney, Castle Hill and Bondi.

So if you are suffering from ingrowns in your chin or bikini area due to shaving and are interested in curing both unwanted and ingrown hair, contact Laser By Sia, now!

Laser hair removal

Permanent laser hair removal is super quick. It only takes approximately 5 minutes to treat your bikini area, armpits or for men, your neck to get rid of collar rash and shaving rash; or around 15-25 minutes to treat the torso or limbs. See a full price list here. Our laser not only removes hair using the very latest laser technology, it is also the best ingrown solution for both men and women available today.

What is an ingrown hair?
We have all had an ingrown or two. Shaving is a leading cause of this, because shaving leaves the hair’s end blunt, which can cause it to curl around and grow back into the follicle. Laser immediately stops the hair’s growth, thereby stopping the ingrown.

Why do women get unwanted hair?
Frequently during hormonal changes such as menopause or pregnancy, women find they grow unwanted facial or body hair, particularly on the chin, upper lip or cheeks. But even without hormonal changes, women have to deal with annoying hair on the legs, underarms or bikini line daily. Sadly, many women resort to shaving on a daily basis. This method of removal is not only ineffective, but often makes the hair look thicker and blacker.

Men & unwanted hair
Male hair caused by testosterone can be difficult to remove. Most men shave daily, but even knowing how to properly do so can still cause annoying collar rash that is both painful and unsightly. Many men also resort to shaving leg hair for sporting events, or buy special ‘nose shavers’ for embarrassing facial hair. Shaving, combined with active sebum and sweat glands can cause major ingrown. Fortunately, Laser By Sia has the answer.

How many laser hair removal treatments will I need?
This depends on the hair, but you will need at least a few laser treatments, and possibly one or two touch up sessions every twelve months or so. In the case of stubborn hormonal hair, you will notice a significant hair reduction – plus the growth will become finer and less noticeable. Remember, laser will remove your existing ingrowns and will not cause new ones and you do not have to wait until the regrowth is visible to get your next laser session done.

How does laser hair removal actually work?
Laser takes light energy from the laser and converts it to heat energy, which renders the follicle virtually inactive so it can no longer support hair growth. It is also this process that will cure ingrowns.

Things you should know about laser hair removal
Laser is quick and, unlike repetitive shaving, actually results in growth over time. So, if you have been searching for a way to avoid shaving but have not found a better option, contact us.

Does laser hair removal work anywhere?
If you have been wondering about an alternative to shaving or plucking, Laser By Sia is the answer. Laser can be used to get rid of any unwanted hair all over the body, including the chest, back, genitals, arms, legs and feet. It can also be used to treat the face, beard line, cheeks and neck

Why choose Laser by Sia?

Laser By Sia specialises in removing unwanted hair permanently. To save yourself from repetitive shaving, book now!

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