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Pulsed Light Hair Removal


You may have heard of pulsed light hair removal or intense pulsed light hair removal. This type of hair removal is also known as IPL.

IPL hair reduction has been around for a while. But this kind of treatment has now been superseded several times over.

For any laser hair removal to work it must target and destroy the melanin in a follicle. It does this by converting light wavelengths to heat. This heat damages the follicle so it can no longer support regrowth. After a number of sessions, the follicle either cannot grow hair anymore, or it grows finer, lighter hair very sporadically.

Using IPL for hair removal

IPL treatments are less effective for one very good reason. Pulsed light uses a variety of light wavelengths. Some of these wavelengths will be ideal to target the melanin in a follicle, but some won’t.

Other technology, like the technology recently imported by Laser By Sia, uses one single, precise wavelength of light, the ideal wavelength needed to target the melanin in the follicle and damage it.

Using inexact wavelengths means that you will need more IPL treatments over time to achieve the same results as that of newer laser technology.

Even though the older IPL treatments may be the cheaper technology per session, you will need more sessions to get an effective result, and you will need more sessions to maintain your result.

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