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IPL Hair Removal

Many clinics still offer IPL laser hair removal, also known as Intense Pulsed Light. But did you know that this technology is not as effective as newer ones that are available in Australia today?

Laser By Sia was recently the first to import into Australia the very latest and most effective laser hair removal technology from the US. This new technology called Alexandrite laser targets the melanin in the hair precisely, for faster and more effective hair removal.IPL vs Alexandrite Laser

Difference between IPL and Alexandrite Laser

Any kind of laser hair removal works by converting light energy into heat energy that targets the melanin in the follicle and damaging the follicle so that it cannot support regrowth.

Alexandrite Laser and IPL differs in their wavelength, thus producing different results. IPL uses an array of different light wavelengths, only some of which will be ideal for hair removal. Although IPL is cheaper per session, the results are not as good because a percentage of your treatment will be ineffective, leading to more treatments before the desired result is achieved.


Unlike the IPL, newer technology like the Alexandrite laser uses a single, precise wavelength to specifically target the melanin in the follicle, so there is no ‘hit and miss’. This exact wavelength leads to more effective treatments than with IPL and therefore fewer treatments.

It is worth noting that for the most effective laser hair removal, you may need one or two sessions annually to maintain your results. But when you compare this to daily waxing, plucking, and shaving, not to mention treatment for ingrown hairs, this treatment is the clear winner both for effectiveness and price.

Visit Laser By Sia in Castle Hill, St Ives, Bondi Junction or Sydney CBD, for the most advanced laser technology available in the world today.

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