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Hair Removal Sprays

Many women use hair removal spray or depilatory spray which can cause burns because of the harsh chemicals used. But now, Laser By Sia has an alternative to these products – laser hair removal. Unlike with sprays, laser uses no chemicals whatsoever and will not cause ingrown hairs!

For a better substitute to chemical sprays, contact the best clinic in Sydney, Laser By Sia!

Hair Removal Sprays

There are many different hair removal sprays, including those that you can use in the shower and those that claim to be gentle enough for sensitive skin. However, all of these products work using a strong chemical that breaks down the hair.

There are also hair growth retardant sprays, which claim to slow regrowth after shaving or using depilatory products. These products also contain harsh chemicals and can cause adverse reactions in some users.

How long does laser hair removal take and what does it cost?

Expensive sprays have to be used repeatedly, whereas a laser treatment only takes a few minutes per session. After your treatment course, you may only need a maintenance appointment annually. Our prices are very reasonable, and far cheaper in the long run than repeated use of sprays and waxes.

About laser hair removal

Unlike when you use a chemical spray, a laser treatment is very quick, and importantly, uses no chemicals that can travel into your bloodstream. This is why it is perfect for sensitive skins or even pregnant women. If you have been using hair removal sprays, only to be disappointed, contact the most respected clinic in Sydney now.

Even with those that claim to be for sensitive skin can still irritate your skin and regrowth can appear in just a day along with possible side effects such as ingrowns. Laser By Sia will not only get rid of unwanted hairs almost anywhere, it will also kill any ingrowns and prevent others.  Book now!

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