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Hair Removal Machines

Home hair removal is very popular and a big number of people use waxing, shaving or plucking, or the use of hair removal machines such as those that use laser or electrolysis. Sadly, these machines are often marketed as ‘permanent’ solutions to hair removal, but more often than not, only result in temporary hair removal and also run the risk of burns and scarring. At the same time, these methods can also result to ingrowns.

But now, Laser By Sia has an alternative to these ineffective methods and machines: quick, easy and permanent hair removal for your face and body using the latest laser technology.

Our Alexandrite laser inside the Candela Gentlelase Mini Machine is the most effective way to remove any unwanted hair on the face or body. It can also get rid of ingrowns from the onset.

Whatever your needs, contact the best laser hair removal clinic in Sydney, Laser By Sia, now!

Hair Removal Machines

There are many different types of home hair removal. Along with the common methods of waxing, plucking, bleaches, shaving and creams, there is also home electrolysis and now, even the home laser hair removal machine. Despite claims to the contrary, none of these methods result in permanent hair reduction or removal. In fact, not only are these methods all just temporary, portable laser or electrolysis machines can be dangerous and may even result in burns and scarring! Fortunately, Laser By Sia can now remove your unwanted hair quickly, easily, and permanently using the latest in professional laser technology!

Laser By Sia’s professional laser hair removal machines use the very best technology. We will get rid of your unwanted hair quickly, without chemicals or gels, and with minimal discomfort. Once your treatment course is complete, you hair is permanently reduced and in many cases, will not ever appear again. So if you are tired of ineffective removal methods and are looking for a permanent hair removal solution, book now!

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