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Hair Removal Lotions

Tired of hair removal lotions and the regrowth and ingrowns they inevitably cause? Laser By Sia has an alternative to hair removal lotions: permanent hair reduction with laser. And, unlike lotions or creams, laser can prevent ingrowns and get rid of any existing ones. So contact Laser By Sia at Sydney, Castle Hill and Bondi Junction now!
Hair Removal Lotions
Hair-Removal-Lotions   Hair removal lotion uses chemicals to break down the structure of the hair, so it can then be wiped or scraped away. These methods are not permanent, and only remove the hair from slightly below skin level.

How long does laser hair removal take and what does it cost?

It only takes approximately 5 minutes to laser your bikini line or underarms; or 10 minutes to give you a full Brazilian. Our laser treatment means permanent hair reduction – unlike other temporary hair removal methods – and it will not give you ingrowns ever. Using the best available technology and no chemicals, we get rid of hair quickly and easily. Unlike other methods, the hair hardly every grows back after your treatments. So if you are tired of using chemical sprays and creams for facial and body hair removal and are looking for a fast, permanent alternative, book now!

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