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Facial Hair Removal Creams

Facial hair removal creams are meant to easily and discreetly remove unwanted fuzz. But all too often these chemical creams may cause rashes and burns. Hair removal creams are also messy and repetitive.

Ingrown hairs are an unfortunate contra-indication of traditional hair removal methods, like facial hair removal cream.

But now, Laser By Sia offers an alternative: quick, easy and permanent hair removal method that can also cure ingrowns using laser.

Facial Hair Removal Creams

There are many different types of facial hair removal cream. Regardless, they all work using a strong, alkaline based chemical which, when applied slowly breaks down the hair, turning it to jelly. All these creams contain chemicals and can damage your skin. There are horror stories all over Australia because of burns associated with depilatories and other types of chemical hair removers. Also, these facial hair removal products are not permanent; as it only removes strands from slightly below skin level.

What is an ingrown hair?

An ingrown occurs when the hair curls back into the skin. Removal methods that cause the hair to have a blunt tip can cause this, including facial hair removal creams.

How long does laser hair removal take?

It only takes around five minutes to remove unwanted facial hair on the lips, chin or cheeks with laser hair removal. Our sessions are effective, so you can bid farewell to messy and smelly creams, burns, and ingrowns.

About laser hair removal

Unlike facial hair removal creams, laser hair removal uses zero chemicals and leaves no sticky, smelly residues. This is why it can also be used in other sensitive body areas such as the genitals without concern. So stop using those creams and consult Laser By Sia today.

Laser By Sia can help you get rid of unwanted facial hair minus the smelly creams, or ingrown hairs. So for an easy, permanent hair removal alternative, book now!

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