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Pros and Cons of using an Epilator

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A lot of people use epilator machines to remove unwanted face and body hair, which similar to waxing, plucks the hair out by the roots and is considered faster than tweezing one strand at a time.

If used correctly, epilation temporarily gets rid of hair, but they do still grow back. Plus, along with shaving and plucking, it is also one of the leading causes of ingrown hair.

Now, not only is unwanted hair removal fast and effective, you can also fix your ingrowns permanently thanks to the most respected laser hair removal clinic in Sydney, Laser By Sia.


There are many different brands and types of epilators: some have metal ‘coils’, while others have mass tweezing arms. Regardless of the type, the epilation method is still the same: the machine grips the hair and pulls it out by the roots. While this may result to temporary smooth skin, it is not permanent and may also result in ingrowns. It is also very inexact, removing large patches of hair, so is unsuitable for smaller and sensitive areas such as the bikini line or face. It also only works on longer hair, meaning you have to wait for it to grow back before you can remove it again. Also, many epilators, aside from being very painful to use, also simply break the hair off rather than pulling it out, resulting in patchy regrowth and ingrowns.

There are also hand-held epilation laser hair removal machines that people can use at home. These use older, outdated technology and can be dangerous and ineffective, and may even result in burns.

What is an ingrown hair?

This is when a hair curls back into the skin – which can lead to infections. But even if they do not get infected, they are unsightly and painful. Breaking it off with a blunt tip can cause ingrown hair, and hair epilation, depilation, shaving, plucking and waxing are the leading causes. Fortunately, laser treatment is the best ingrown cure and prevention procedure because it stops the hair from growing and kills any infection. After laser, the offending ingrown will just disappear naturally. Click on the link above to find out more.

About laser hair removal

Laser is much, much faster than any epilator. It is also suitable for use in sensitive areas such as under the arms, on the genitals, or in the nose or ears. It only takes around 5 minutes to treat your bikini, armpits or neck, or about 15-25 to treat bigger areas such as the arms. Our laser not only removes hair permanently using the very latest laser technology, it is also the best ingrown solution for both men and women available today.

How does laser hair removal compare with epilating vs waxing? Find out at the link.

So if you have been searching for an alternative to epilation, try our laser hair removal today.

You do not have to go through the painful process of epilators and waxing when laser is now so effective and affordable. Book now and get smooth, hair free skin!

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