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Bleaching Hair

Bleaching Hair

Many women use bleaching creams as an alternative to waxing and shaving. This lightens the hair so it is less noticeable, but it can also cause rashes and burns. Aside from not being permanent, it does not remove any hair at all!

Laser By Sia provides the best way to remove any unwanted hair on the face or body and, unlike bleaching, it actually removes the hair for smooth, sexy skin! As the most respected clinic in Sydney, Laser By Sia can deliver the best results with exceptional service!


There are many different brands of bleach that can be used for the hair on the face, eyebrows, arms, and upper lip. While using this on your face is fairly quick, it becomes very time consuming when you start considering using this method on your arms or legs. Plus, regardless of the brand or the type of cream, none of these creams actually remove any hair at all! All they do is lighten it so it is less noticeable.

All these creams use strong chemicals that can damage your skin, even if you don’t leave the product on too long. Doctor’s offices all over Australia see many patients with burns, blisters, stinging, rashes, and peeling skin associated with all types of chemical hair removers and lighteners.

What is laser hair removal?

Unlike bleaching, laser hair removal is extremely fast and uses no chemicals whatsoever. So, if you have been doing underarm bleaching but are worried about what the chemicals are doing to your body, contact the most respected laser hair removal clinic across Sydney.

How long does it take and what does it cost?

This treatment is easy and produces permanent results. It only takes approximately 5 minutes to do your upper lip or bikini area and 10 minutes to give you a Brazilian. It is very effective and our well-trained staffs use the latest technology and equipment.

How does it remove unwanted hair?

This treatment uses Photothermolysis, taking light and converting it to heat, therefore rendering the follicle sterile.
Why bleach your eyebrows or arms when the cream can burn and irritate your skin while not removing any hair at all? Laser By Sia removes unwanted hair, permanently. If you are tired of the sting of the constant lip or eyebrow bleach, and are looking for a better alternative, book now!

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