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Alexandrite Hair Removal


Laser By Sia is a reputable Sydney laser clinic with years of experience, the latest technology, and the best staff. We, at Laser by Sia, believe that laser hair removal should be easily accessible to everyone. We offer affordable procedures without compromising quality.

We use the international technology, the alexandrite laser. This Candela Alexandrite technology is clinically proven to be the best for removing unwanted hair. Our alexandrite system removes hair from the face and body.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal is the most effective in the world today. It emits an exact wavelength of light (755 nanometres), which is the perfect wavelength to attach to the melanin in the hair and damage follicles.

While many older salons promote their use of IPL, this older, cheaper technology is not as effective as the alexandrite because IPL emits a range of radiation wavelengths and is not exact enough to be effective. While IPL is often marketed as being cheaper, it actually costs you more in the long run because you need more treatments with this older technology than you do with the alexandrite.

Are all alexandrite lasers the same?

No. Just because the technology is good doesn’t mean the people who use it are. The alexandrite laser is a complex piece of surgical equipment and must be operated by fully qualified, trained, experienced staff. Our clinic staff undergoes varied and ongoing testing and training, so our customers can be assured of their therapist’s experience and knowledge of the Candela Gentlelase Alexandrite Laser.

Laser hair removal centers are opening up just about everywhere at the moment – but can you ensure these so-called clinics know what they are doing? Some of them make false promises, use outdated technology, or make you pay for upfront.

Using alexandrite is easy, fast, and suitable even for the sensitive genital area because it uses no chemicals whatsoever. Contact our respected clinics in Sydney now.

How does laser remove unwanted hair?

Laser uses a technology called Photothermolysis, which damages the follicle.

Will it hurt?

Our Gentlelase alexandrite lasers are equipped with something that freezes the skin for a fraction of a second, making the experience almost pain-free.

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