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Comparing Other Methods


IPL or intense pulsed light, is widely known to be more effective at skin rejuvenation than hair removal. This is because IPL lasers emit different light wavelengths that can’t be refined to a single wavelength.


Electrolysis has been used for years and was a revolution when it was first used for permanent hair removal. Electrolysis involves sticking a needle into the follicle and running an electric current into that follicle to remove hair.


The Alexandrite is among the most effective hair removal available in the world today. This is because the alexandrite laser emits the perfect wavelength of light (755 nanometres) to attach to the melanin and damage follicles.


Many people use different brands and types of waxing products and waxing services. This can be done on the eyebrows, face, underarm, on the genitals, on the legs, and everywhere else on the body. It can even be done on men.

Brazilian Wax

There are many different brands and types of Brazilian wax and services. This includes the Brazilian bikini (where all hair is removed from the genitals and bum leaving a strip on the pubic bone), the professional job at salons, the do it yourself Brazilian wax, sphinx waxing (also known as the full Brazilian wax where all the hair from the navel to the bum is removed), male Brazilian waxing and much more!

Bikini waxing

There are many different types of bikini waxing. There’s DIY, home waxing, full brazilians or bikini treatments, shaping, salon waxing and french waxing, all using hot liquid wax or strips.


Shaving has to be done daily and you risk cuts, burns, and bumps. There is also a possibility of developing ingrown hairs if you shave frequently.

Hair Removal Products

Unwanted hair is annoying, but you do not have to suffer in embarrassed silence when laser is the latest and most effective of all the unwanted hair treatments around today.


There are many different brands and types of hair removal creams including those for use in the shower, for men, for the face, and for sensitive skins.

Facial Creams

There are many different brands of facial hair removal cream, most of which claim to be ‘gentle’, ‘natural’ or for sensitive skin.

Men’s Creams

Many men use creams as an alternative to shaving, particularly on their arms, legs, back and chest. These creams for men can also cause the dreaded rashes, ingrowns, and burns!


There are also sprays that you can use for use in the shower, and those that claim to be ‘gentle’, ‘natural’ or for sensitive skin.


There are many different brands of hair removal lotions. Regardless of the brand or the type of lotion, all of these work using a strong, alkaline based chemical, which when applied slowly breaks down the hair, turning it to jelly.

Hair Removers

There are many ‘no no’s’ when it comes to hair removers. Older types have some major drawbacks. Waxing, shaving and plucking do not permanently prevent regrowth and often cause ingrown hairs.


Many people use epilators and there are many different brands and types: those that have metal ‘coils’ and those that have mass tweezing arms. Regardless of the type, the epilation method is still the same: the machine grips the hair and pulls it out by the roots.


There are different small machines that you can use at home for hair removal. Electrolysis and home laser hair removal often make use of small machines.


Plucking has been used for years and involves grabbing individual hairs with tweezers and pulling them out by the roots. Plucking has some major drawbacks; it can be painful and very slow because you can only remove ONE HAIR AT A TIME.


Sugaring originated in ancient Egypt and the Middle East. Many women prefer to use this method as it is marketed as being ‘natural’ – unlike waxing and creams that can use many different chemicals.


There are many different brands of bleach that can be used for hair on the face, eyebrows, arms, and the upper lip. Doing this on your face is fairly quick, but can consume time when done on your arms or legs.

Natural Hair Removal

There are many different types of advertised natural hair removal, including wax, creams, and gels.

Home Hair Removal

There are many different types of home hair removal. Along with the common waxing, plucking, bleaching, shaving, and using creams, there is also home electrolysis and even home laser hair removal.

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