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Genital Hair Removal

Do you suffer from unwanted genital hair? Whether you are male or female, this can be a big problem and cause sufferers acute embarrassment.

Previously, genital hair removal meant painful waxing or plucking, shaving, bleaching and using other harsh creams, all of which can cause burns, rashes and ingrown hairs.

genital hair removal

Now, this can be easily and permanently achieved with laser. Thanks to Laser By Sia, one of the most well known laser clinics in Sydney and beyond.

Laser By Sia can remove all your genital hair, also known as a Brazilian treatment, or just neaten up your bikini or speedo line so you are always beach-ready! Whatever your needs, contact Laser By Sia in Bondi Junction, Castle Hill and Sydney CBD, now!

How long does the treatment take?

It only takes minutes to give you a full Brazilian treatment, or 5-10 minutes to do your bikini/speedo area. See our price lists. Our laser treatment is the most effective method on the market, so no more endless waxing or shaving will be necessary.

How many treatments are required?

The time it takes to achieve the most permanent result on the genital area will vary and depends on a few factors. Generally, you will need a number of sessions done every six weeks or so.

How does it remove unwanted genital hair?

The treatment uses what is called Photothermolysis. This takes the light energy from the laser and converts it into heat, which targets the follicle. After a series of treatments the follicle becomes sterile and unable to support regrowth.

About laser hair removal

Laser can be used for genital hair removal, or for other delicate areas, because it uses no chemicals or gels. So, if you are curious about genital hair removal, but haven’t found the best option, contact the most respected clinic in Sydney.

Will it hurt?

Our lasers are equipped with a technology that freezes the skin momentarily, allowing the laser to target the follicle without causing damage to the surrounding skin, making the treatment almost painless.

Laser By Sia specialises in the removal of unwanted genital hair using the best technology and the best people to ensure you need fewer sessions. So if you want permanent hair removal on the genial or any other part of your body, book now!

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