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Back Hair Removal

Nothing causes men more frustration and embarrassment than unwanted back hair.

Excess back hair is easy to hide in winter, but during the summer months many men are left wondering what to do. While using the traditional methods of back hair removal, many men find these ‘treatments’ lead to rashes and pimples.

Now, removing back hair is efficient and effective thanks to the respected Laser By Sia in Sydney’s CBD, Castle Hill and Bondi Junction.

So if you want to get rid of back hair quickly and permanently, contact our renowned laser hair removal clinics inBondi and Sydney now!

Men Back Hair Removal

Men Back Hair Removal

How to get rid of back hair!
Laser back hair removal can be done in your lunch hour. It only takes approximately 20-25 minutes to treat your whole back, or approximately 10 minutes to treat your shoulders or only hair on the lower back. See our price list for back hair removal. Our laser treatments remove back hair, so you will not have to cover up in summer ever again!

How many back hair removal treatments will I need?
Male back hair is often caused by testosterone and can be difficult to remove. The number of treatments you will need depends on your hair. You will need a few back hair removal sessions for the most permanent back hair removal available. In the case of coarse hormonal hair, you will notice a significant reduction in back hair – hair will become finer, lighter, softer and less noticeable. For the most effective back hair removal, you may also need up to two maintenance appointments every 12 months following successful completion of your treatments to keep the area as smooth and hair-free as possible. As a bonus, laser hair removal on your back will make ingrown hairs a thing of the past. Plus, you do not have to wait until the hair is visible to get your next treatment.

How does male back hair removal actually work?
Laser back hair removal works using Photothermolysis, which takes light energy from the laser and converts it into heat energy. This damages your hair follicles so they can’t grow hair.

About laser hair removal
Laser hair removal is hygienic and fast, and uses no gels or chemicals. So contact our laser clinics in Sydney now, for the best technology and the best, most respected clinicians.

Why is laser better than other hair removal methods?
Laser is the best for removing unwanted back hair because it is the most permanent solution around. Other methods can cause ingrowns, stubble and rashes, but not laser. This is why laser is the best way to remove back hair.

Will laser hair removal on my back hurt?
Our lasers are equipped with a device which freezes the top of the skin briefly, allowing the laser to pass with minimal pain. This makes laser not only the most effective back hair remover available, but also makes it virtually painless.

Why choose Laser by Sia?
Don’t entrust your skin to some fly by night operator. Remove your back hair with laser at Laser By Sia. We are renowned across Sydney and beyond as the best in the removal of unwanted back hair, as we will not give you false expectations. Plus, we use the latest Candela Alexandrite technology so our lasers are the most effective that you can get. So if you were wondering about how to remove your back hair quickly, easily and permanently, book with us now!

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