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Bikini Hair Removal

With summer looming, now is the time to book in to have that troublesome, unwanted hair permanently removed using Laser by Sia’s bikini line hair removal treatments!

Sia’s laser treatment is a permanent bikini hair removal system, which means no more time and money wasted waxing, shaving or using harsh depilatory creams, and an always perfect bikini area.

Imagine not having to worry about shaving, or annoying ingrown hairs caused by waxing, every time you get into your bikini? So get a jump on swimsuit season – Book now!

Bikini Hair Removal

Bikini Hair Removal

How long does it take and what does it cost?
Laser bikini hair removal is faster than waxing. It only takes 5 minutes to treat the bikini line or get a full Brazilian treatment in just 10 minutes.  See our price list, and in this time we can usually treat both your underarms and your bikini line. Permanent bikini area hair removal is only a click or phone call away, so book your Laser By Sia appointment now!

How many bikini hair removal treatments will I need?
This all depends on ones skin colour and hair type, but you will need a number of treatments, performed every 5-6 weeks. One of the greatest things about laser is that you can say goodbye to nasty ingrown hairs! Most females suffer from ingrown hairs on the bikini area, but after your first treatment they will be permanently cured!

How does bikini hair removal work?
Laser hair removal on the bikini line works using Photothermolysis. This involves taking light energy and converting it into heat, which damages the hair follicle. After a series of treatments the follicle cannot support hair growth.

Does it work on anyone?
Laser bikini hair removal can be used on all ages, men and women and even darker skin tones. This area is popular for women but now even men area treating it with laser due to the ‘Hygienic’ feeling after treatments.

Does it work anywhere?
Bikini laser hair removal is not just a permanent bikini hair remover; it can also be used for a Brazilian bikini treatment, as well as on other unwanted hair such as the legs, underarms, and even facial hair.

Will bikini laser hurt?
Our lasers are equipped with a Dynamic Cooling Device which freezes the skin on contact. This makes bikini laser hair removal very quick and almost painless. After treatment you can return to work immediately. There may be slight redness which will subside within 1-2 hours.

How do I take care of my bikini line?
To optimise your bikini area hair removal between treatments, refrain from waxing or plucking regrowth. However, you can shave, trim, and use depilatory creams or clippers as often as needed.

Why choose LaserbySia?
We are known in the industry as the best in bikini hair removal, as we are honest and aim to exceed expectations. We use the latest Candela Alexandrite laser technology, not IPL, meaning our lasers mean you will need fewer sessions than at other clinics. So book with us now!

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