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Pain Free Hair Removal for Men!

Body hair removal is not purely the domain of the ladies and those involved in competition bodybuilding. Men can experience areas of excessive hair growth, particularly on backs and chest, and the discomfort and sometimes embarrassment that can ensue. Hair removal for men is now common, and a welcome relief, particularly in summer or during exercise when sweating can cause itching and irritation and even infected hair follicles.

Specialised Lasers Offer The Most Effective Men’s Hair Removal Results

For a hair removal treatment that is markedly less painful and markedly more successful, and which experiences no ingrown hair, laser hair removal for men is leagues ahead of waxing.

One of the benefits of laser hair removal for men is its ability to treat large areas, such as excessive back or chest hair, relatively quickly and comfortably.

Though lasers operate by intense heat, because each of our lasers are fitted with a special, dynamic cooling system, many clients experience only a slight tingle or a sensation something like flicking the skin with a rubber band as each hair is individually treated. A far cry from the tearing pain caused by large area waxing. For those sensitive areas, a numbing spray may be applied.

Only 4 to 5 treatments will bring about a marked difference. For some men who simply wish to significantly reduce rather than remove hair, this may even be enough. For best results it is usual for about 15 to 20 treatments to be needed, due to a male’s high testosterone levels, and while there is no such thing as 100% permanent hair removal for men, you can expect a loss of up to 50%. Any remaining hair will definitely be lighter and softer and controlled by occasional maintenance.

Lasers have none of the negative effects of waxing or depilatory creams such as skin irritation, ingrown hairs, allergies, burning, redness and blistering. At the worst you may experience some changes in the pigmentation, which is not permanent and will adjust within a few weeks.

What About Facial Hair Removal?

If you have excessive facial hair, or just love the idea of rarely having to shave your neck area or cheeks again, then you’ll be pleased to hear the use of lasers for men’s facial hair removal is tried and true.

Hair removal for men is now a welcome enhancement and we look forward to discussing your needs at our discreet and comfortable Sydney clinic.

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