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What Exactly is IPL Laser Hair Removal?

So What Is It?

This is not splitting hairs. IPLs (Intense Pulsed Lights) and genuine lasers are not the same. To use the term IPL laser hair removal, as most everyone does, and to compare IPL cost with a ‘true’ laser, gives a false impression that the two procedures are one in the same.

Why Do We Make This Very Definite Statement?

Firstly, because it’s true. Secondly, because IPL treatments pose unnecessary risks, risks which are not present using authentic laser treatments – and the majority of people don’t understand the difference and realise the side effects and the risks inherent in IPL hair removal.

What Is The Difference?

An intense pulse light machine operates on broad light spectrum, sending out multiple wavelenghts , thereby affecting multiple types of underlying structures , using a series of intense overlayed energy. IPL cannot isolate the exact wavelength – or colour of light – necessary to accurately destroy the hair follicle. Unlike authentic lasers, IPL is unable to use what is known as ‘selective photothermolysis’ (precise rapid heating of a select structure and NOY surrounding areas ).

This method of IPL hair reduction, seeking to achieve permanent hair removal, may cause burning and result in scarring if not very skilfully handled. Put simply- they are not pin-point accurate lasers, they are light pulse machinery , and the margin for error is considerably higher. In addition, IPL laser treatment sends out unnecessarily high er levels of radiation.

We Use Single Frequency, Candela Alexandrite Lasers

At Laser By Sia we use the Candela Alexandrite laser. This authentic laser produces a stable, true, continuous output of only one particular wavelength, which achieves a highly selective effect on the relevant biological tissue in the hair follicle. This form of laser is absolutely precise.

As this process has a heat damaging effect on the folicle, naturally this method of hair removal has the potential to be quite painful. For this reason, the Alexandrite laser has a built in dynamic cooling device. This freezes the tissue around the follicle instantly and allows the laser to penetrate the skin without damage, pain or undue discomfort. For extra sensitive areas, a numbing spray can be applied making the procedure pain free with only some sensation. Any slight superficial marking which may occur will disappear leaving a smooth finish.

We don’t only focus on hair removal, we are also vitally interested in ensuring the best skin care methods are used. Laser By Sia do not believe that IPL laser hair removal meets with our standards or serves our clients well.

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