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Brazilian Wax vs. Brazilian Laser!

Over the past 4 years Brazilian waxing has become exceedingly popular. Most women who haven’t gone down that road yet, are starting to become more interested and inquisitive about doing Brazilian laser.

At Laser by Sia more women are switching from Brazilian waxing to Brazilian lasering. Brazilian waxing is usually required every 3-4 weeks and can be extremely painful. There are also the side effects of terrible ingrowns and the continuous return of the same amount (even more in some cases) of hair. Laser hair removal is not only less painful, but will cure women of all existing and further ingrowns occurring. The hair will also become thinner and less noticeable with each treatment.

About Brazilian laser

No matter which areas are being treated Laser hair removal does not penetrate past the second layer of skin (dermis). The laser is thus unable to reach glands, organs or any surrounding tissue. This is why doctors consent to laser treatment, even during pregnancy.

Why is it in such demand?

Originally Brazilian treatments were for sensual purposes. Today however women are converting to Brazilians for the HYGIENIC results it offers. Once having had a Brazilian treatment, there is that constant feeling of being clean. There is the belief that pubic hair prevents infection. Women of the 21st century have access to alternative methods of preventing infections such as daily showering/bathing.

At Laser by Sia we find that once a client has had their first laser treatment, they never look back.

The hygienic feeling, no ingrowns and the permanent reduction of hair means that the Brazilian is certainly here to stay!

At Laser by Sia our technicians offer the most effective treatments to all our clients in a confidential and comfortable environment.

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