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Get Started Today on Your Bikini Line!

But what if you’re reading this in autumn or winter? Start today? After all, isn’t that when you can bring out the winter woollies, hide that uncomfortable hair regrowth and finally relax a bit? But if you want to look smooth and feel gorgeous this coming summer, autumn and winter provide a great opportunity to commence your laser hair removal bikini treatment.

And with the improvement you’ll see even after your first treatment you’ll feel more confident from day one – summer or winter.

Protect Your Laser Treatment From The Sun

While laser treatments have been proven to be easy in practical experience and by the medical profession, and far more comfortable and with fewer complications than waxing, there is one thing that does not mix well – the sun.

Everyone is different, and we all experience slightly different rates of hair growth, with most hair regrowth occurring 4 to 6 weeks apart. As we advise clients to expect to need about 8 to 10 treatments it only makes sense that the cooler months are ideal times to commence your permanent laser hair removal treatment.

But there’s no need to delay another moment even in spring or summer? Wearing a 30+ SPF sunscreen each day, and avoiding exposure to the sun on any area due for laser treatment for about 4 weeks prior to treatment and up to a few days after, will keep your skin safe.

How Much Does Laser Cost Compared to Waxing?

Even though laser hair removal costs more than bikini waxing the benefits gained far outweigh the expense. A bikini wax can leave you with red irritated skin, blistering and full of ingrowns for days after treatment, marring your perfect bikini line. Add to this the extreme discomfort of the procedure, which is almost non-existent with laser, and the benefits are more than apparent, and immediate.

It Is Critical You Are Treated With ‘Genuine’ Lasers

Unlike what we call the ‘false laser treatments, otherwise known as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), the genuine lasers we operate are highly focussed, one-frequency lasers that do not penetrate beneath the dermis (the second layer of skin) and are completely accurate.

So, always check first before undertaking laser hair removal. Sydney has many laser clinics but not all are created equal. It’s your skin and it’s your right to have the most effective and the best laser hair removal bikini treatment available.

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