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Top Reasons to Go to a Skin Laser Clinic

If you ask most people what comes to mind with a skin laser clinic, the majority will immediately associate it with laser hair removal treatment. While it’s true that a professional skin laser clinic will offer permanent laser hair removal services, there are plenty of other treatments available that you may not have considered.

Here are some of the top reasons to visit a skin laser clinic:

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal is one of the most obvious reasons to visit a high quality skin laser clinic. If you’re sick of the constant need to shave or wax just to keep unwanted body hair under control, you may find the laser hair removal cost extremely affordable.

Add up the cost of paying a salon every month for years to get painful and messy wax treatments. Then consider that waxing and shaving are only temporary solutions.

By comparison, laser hair removal clinics offer the opportunity to have a few pain-free laser treatments that give you long-lasting results. Laser treatments are hygienic and quick and for most people hair simply won’t grow back in treated areas. Once your initial treatments are complete, you may only need to return to the clinic once a year for touch ups, which ends up considerably more cost effective than other hair removal options.

Pigmentation Removal

A good laser clinic will offer medical grade laser treatments designed to help reduce the appearance of pigmentation. Many people struggle to find effective treatments to get rid of freckles, sun spots, and age spots, with many resorting to harsh and often inadequate creams or other lotions in an effort to get results. What they may not realise is that laser treatments can offer a far more effective way to remove pigmentation permanently, safely, and effectively.

Cellulite Treatments

A professional skin laser clinic may be able to offer treatments that can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Those dimply, lumpy sections of flesh where cellulite appears can be remarkably difficult to treat using home remedies. However, it’s very possible to break up dimpled skin by seeking correct treatment with a professional clinic.

Rather than resort to ineffective creams or ointments to try and rub the cellulite away, consider booking a consultation with a professional cosmetic clinic. You’ll be surprised how quick and easy it can be to get rid of cellulite on your thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach.

Facial Treatments, Injectables and Fillers

Smearing a chemically-laden anti-wrinkle cream onto your skin morning and night might offer some temporary results for creating the appearance of smooth skin. Moisturisers and anti-wrinkle creams tend to puff up your skin for a short time, making any fine lines and wrinkles look less prominent.  It’s only when some people realise that creams aren’t getting the results they want that they turn to more drastic measures, such as expensive and painful cosmetic surgery.

However, if you’re after more permanent results you can visit a skin laser clinic to discuss other options.  It’s very possible to remove the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles using non-invasive and non-surgical procedures. The key is to choose a professional laser clinic with the ability to offer injectables and fillers to help you achieve your goals.

Teeth Whitening

Did you know some of the best laser clinics around can also offer pain-free teeth whitening services? In fact, you should find getting a teeth whitening treatment done at a skin laser clinic can be far more cost effective than visiting your dentist for the same results.

The top skin laser clinic in the Sydney CBD, Bondi Junction, and Castle Hill areas is Laser by Sia. Whether you are in need of permanent laser hair removal, pigmentation removal, or any other treatment from a reputable skin laser clinic, Laser By Sia offers these using only the best and latest laser technology.

5 Warning Signs You Are Considering the Wrong Laser Clinics

Undoubtedly, permanent laser hair removal is the best hair removal treatment there is. It is cost-effective over the long-term, there are no side-effects, and you get near-permanent results. The increase in popularity of this particular hair removal treatment has led to laser clinics popping up like mushrooms after a good rain. Unfortunately, not all of them will offer you the quality of service you need, especially when they are dealing with something as sensitive as your skin. So, here are a few warning signs that the skin laser clinic you are considering is not a good option.

They’re Stonewalling You

It is natural to ask questions. After all, you are putting yourself in their hands and they will be using a laser on your skin, so a little trust is important. If you get stonewalled when you start asking questions about their machines, their procedures, and whether or not they will do a test first, then maybe you have chosen the wrong place for body hair removal.

They Use Older Equipment or IPL

If they answer your questions but you discover they are using older equipment or IPL, then maybe you need to consider another laser clinic. Older lasers are not quite as effective and would probably require more sessions than with the use of some of the latest technology, making your total laser hair removal cost higher.

Intense pulsed light or IPL systems are far less effective than even older lasers. IPL might be cheaper per session, but that is because the technology is also cheaper and is practically useless when compared to newer lasers. In the end, you will find that the prices of treatments using new laser technology are much more attractive because you will only need a few sessions to remove any unwanted hair.

The Staff Have Little Experience and No Qualifications

Any laser clinics worth their salt will have highly-experienced medical technicians that have been trained to the highest degree. They might have a few novices, but they will always have an experienced tech with them. If the staff at the clinic you visit avoids your questions regarding their qualifications, then you really need to check out other clinics.

They Refuse to Give You a Patch Test

A patch test is where they use the laser on a small portion of your skin to ensure that the treatment will work well on your skin. If they refuse to do this, or they are willing to forego it, then you need to be careful.

Skin is sensitive and someone who does not know what they are doing can hurt you, especially if they are using older equipment. A patch test will let you see how capable they are as well, so you really need to make sure you get one first. The clinic’s willingness to give you a patch test also reflects their care and concern for their clients.

That goes for men too, even if you think you have tougher skin because you are a man. You can end up with permanent scarring, especially if you have gone in for facial hair removal. You are better off looking for a clinic that will do the test without quibbling. In fact, quality laser clinics will insist on this test, which is a sign you’re in the right place.

The Laser Hair Removal Price Is Suspiciously Low

We all want to save money, but if the laser clinic in question is charging prices that are much lower than any other clinic, you have to wonder why. You might discover that either they do not have the expertise or they have a poor reputation. Even worse, you might find that you go in expecting to only need a few sessions, happy that you got a great price, only to discover it is actually going to cost you twice as much as any other clinic because you need a dozen sessions!

Choosing the right clinic is essential to get great results without any problems. And while there are many laser clinics to choose from, you need to be cautious, do your research and ask questions.

Whether you need men’s hair removal, or are looking for women’s laser hair removal in Sydney, Laser by Sia is one of the most reputable clinics in the country. Using the latest technology and with a staff of highly-experienced, certified medical technicians, Laser by Sia can solve all your unwanted hair problems. And we do hair removal for men too!

Choosing the Right Skin Laser Clinic

If you’re considering undergoing permanent laser hair removal treatments, you will need to seek out the services of a professional skin laser clinic. There are several to choose from in Sydney, so always be sure you choose a professional company with a long-standing reputation for excellent service.

Before you book an appointment, here are some things you should ask your consultant

What Treatments Are Available?

Most laser clinics will offer laser hair removal treatments that are designed to eliminate unwanted body hair permanently. There are different types of lasers being used for permanent hair removal, so always keep yourself well informed of the results that you can expect to achieve with the specific types of lasers in the clinic you’re considering.

However, a good quality clinic will also offer medical-grade laser treatments to remove cellulite or to reduce the appearance of age spots, or pigmentation. When you book an appointment at a Laser by Sia clinic, you’ll learn that they offer non-surgical cosmetic and anti-aging treatments that include injectables and fillers. They also provide professional teeth whitening service to restore that white smile.

What Types of Hair Removal Treatment Are Available?

It’s surprising how many women spend years visiting the same waxing salon to get their legs or bikini lines waxed, only to be surprised at the alternatives that a laser clinic offers. Laser treatments can be remarkably effective for facial hair removal, such as eliminating hair growth on the upper lip or under the chin.

Women are not the only ones who visit clinics for treatments. You should find that a good clinic will also happily offer men’s hair removal as well. Some men look for discrete and confidential body hair removal treatments when they feel self-conscious about unwanted hair on the back or shoulders. Others want nothing more than some permanent ‘man-scaping’ to neaten the scenery.

What are the Laser Treatment Costs?

One of the primary reasons so many people put off enquiring about laser hair removal is the perception that the price tag will be high. This is a common misconception, simply because most people usually do not try to work out exactly what the real costs are.

When compared to the constant on-going costs of visiting a waxing salon every three or four weeks, the price of laser treatments is considerably cheaper overall. The amount you pay for your initial four to six treatments adds up to far less cost to you than the money you pay to a waxing salon month after month for years to come. This is simply because your hair always grows right back after waxing, but with lasers the hair follicle is completely destroyed, so it can’t grow back.

Despite the number of skin laser clinics around the Sydney area, laser hair removal prices can vary greatly. It’s important to compare the value for service you receive before booking your appointment. This will help to ensure that you’re receiving the best possible treatments and getting the best results for your money.

Laser by Sia’s premier treatment clinics offer laser hair removal in Castle Hill, Bondi Junction and in the Sydney CBD, so there’s a convenient location to suit almost everyone. If you’re searching for laser hair removal in Sydney, call Laser by Sia and compare the difference.

Laser by Sia: A Trustworthy Australian Laser Clinic

Going to a beauty salon to remove unwanted hair has become a ritual for many. Unsightly hair is a nuisance that people spend tons of money getting rid of on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. Contrary to belief, this is something that affects both men and women.

Overgrown hair is not attractive to many people. Women like to equate a man’s masculinity to the amount of hair that is on his body. A sexy, hairy chest can be a mood enhancer for some. However for other women, the presence of body hair on a man is a complete turn off. For example, a man who has too much hair on his back is not considered sexy or hygienic for some women. As you can see, women are not the only ones who are plagued with unwanted body hair.

The Ritual

So, what do men and women do about removing body hair? They spend countless hours trying to get rid of it by waxing, shaving and using other forms of hair removal. These methods actually become a part of a daily ritual for many because of the amount of hair that needs to be removed on a constant basis. No matter how much itching, burning, irritation or pain that they cause, these methods are still used by the majority in order to remove unsightly hair.

Hygiene is King…and Queen

Why do so many people put themselves through these painful rituals? Why not just let the hair grow and not worry about shaving, waxing and using harmful creams? People remove hair for various reasons such as religion or their background in general. However, the main reason that people remove hair is for hygienic reasons. Removing hair from certain parts of the body is considered to be a part of the regular grooming ritual. It is a necessity.

If not removed, it is thought to be unhygienic by many. This is especially true when it comes to hair on the female body. Many societies believe that it is an eye sore and just plain rude for a woman to have armpit hair or to have unruly hair in the bikini line area. Depending on the culture, when a woman refuses to shave these areas, she is perceived to be uncouth or not hygienic. But, for those who do choose to shave these areas, there are better options for getting rid of hair than shaving and waxing.

Sia has Solutions

Laser hair removal is a safe, fast, effective and hygienic way to permanently reduce hair growth in any area. All it requires are a few sessions to decrease unwanted hair permanently. However, do not trust your laser treatments to just about anyone. Make sure that you use a reliable and reputable company such as Laser by Sia, which has three Australian clinics to help you with your hair removal needs. Treatment is administered by a team of professionals – highly trained in hair removal among other cosmetic procedures. Each clinic has a calm and relaxing environment and has the latest technology in laser hair removal.

Laser by Sia offers affordable, comfortable and safe hair removal services for both men and women. Women can have the procedure done in areas such as the genitals, arms, face, bikini line and legs. Men can opt to have it done in areas such as the chest, ears, nose, back and legs. Laser by Sia is an Australian laser clinic that you can trust with all of your hair removal needs.

Sia Laser Clinic in Sydney: City Cosmetic Procedures at its Best

Are you looking for a top notch laser clinic in Sydney? City clinics are not that hard to find if you are looking for one that provides the best cosmetic procedures.

It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is why a lot of women choose to have cosmetic procedures done in order to get rid of what they perceive as imperfections in themselves. Do not be shy if there are some things that you wish to change about your body. What some may consider as little imperfections, others might see them as hideous flaws that must be corrected. However for some, it is impossible financially because most insurance companies will not cover many of these procedures. They are not considered necessary and patients must pay for them out of their own pockets.

However, do not give up and assume that all cosmetic procedures are out of reach. The Laser by Sia Clinic believes that cosmetic solutions should be affordable enough so that everyone has the opportunity to change their looks for the better. There will still be cost involved, but it will be a manageable one. In addition, this Laser by Sia believes that you should be able to receive fast and effective service in a laser clinic in Sydney. City clinics can provide environments that are both soothing and relaxing and you can have your pick of various cosmetic procedures.

Hair Removal

There is nothing more embarrassing than having fuzzy unwanted hair in places that should be smooth and attractive. The professionals at Laser by Sia will perform your hair removal treatment in a fast and efficient manner so that you can face world and not have to worry about showing your unwanted hair.

Laser by Sia Clinic specializes in all types of hair removal for both men and women. Hair can be removed from places such as your lips, back, chest, arms, legs, hand and even buttocks. These are just a few of the body parts where hair can be removed. There is no reason to be timid. You will receive personal treatments in a private and soothing setting that will make the procedures go much faster than with most clinics.

Teeth Whitening

It should not surprise you that no wants to walk around with a dingy or yellow smile. Not only is it considered to be unattractive, but having yellowing teeth could be considered as a sign of bad hygiene or sickness. Laser by Sia will use the latest European innovations to provide a teeth whitening experience that is fast, safe and extremely efficient. Stop walking around with a smile that is less than attractive. Visit Laser by Sia and get the beautiful, white smile that you have always wanted.

Contact Laser by Sia and make an appointment and correct that little imperfection that bothers you. In addition to hair removal and teeth whitening, its skin care clinic You by Sia also provides pigmentation removal, cellulite treatments, facial treatments, cosmetic products, skin care and injectables and fillers. With locations at Bondi Junction, Castle Hill and Sydney’ CBD, it is easy to consult with the medical team and book a free consultation for your cosmetic treatment. Get a treatment done at You by Sia or Laser by Sia, clinics that can perform quality cosmetic treatments that are safe, effective and up to your satisfaction.

Top Laser Clinic Solves a Highly Pressing Problem: Permanent Hair Removal

Excess body hair is considered unsightly by modern society, which has led to the development of a massive industry dedicated to its removal. One problem many people face is the fact that hair has the bad habit of growing back relatively quickly. While that is a great thing when it is on your head, when it grows back so quickly on your body, it can be quite annoying. However, thanks to Laser by Sia, a highly advanced and reputable laser clinic in Sydney, you no longer have to worry about in-grown hairs or even hair growing back a few weeks after you have just had it removed.

Hair Removal Is Not Quite New

Some people believe that hair removal is a trait of modern society due to skimpier clothing. This is not actually true. There are records that show people have been removing body hair for thousands of years, as far back as Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. In fact, at one point in the Roman Empire, removal of body hair was a status symbol – people who had their body hair removed were generally from the upper classes.

The methods used for hair removal were quite similar to some of the techniques used today. For example, they used a type of razor, first made from stone and then bronze, to shave hair off. Other methods involved the use of a piece of string that was rubbed against the hair and skin, to tear the hair out. Sugaring was also an ancient practice used for hair removal. Another popular method involved the use of tweezers to remove hair, which was a time-consuming process.

While many of these methods are still in use today, albeit in a somewhat more evolved form, they still pose numerous problems. Shaving, for example, can lead to cuts, shaving rash and ingrown hairs, which are incredibly uncomfortable. And this does not stop nor slow down hair growth.

Waxing might offer long term results, but it still only gives you a week or two of smooth skin. Unfortunately, it also has the habit of causing ingrown hairs and is extremely painful.

Effective Long-Term Hair Removal from Top Hair Clinic in Sydney

Laser by Sia is a highly reputable laser clinic in Sydney for a good reason. Not only do they offer the most advanced laser technology for hair removal, but the staff is also subjected to rigorous testing and ongoing training, ensuring that their customers get the best possible results.

Thanks to the combination of advanced technology and experienced staff, this laser clinic is able to offer permanent hair removal. Using a Candela Alexandrite laser which targets melanin in the hair follicle, they are able to effectively stop hair from growing by destroying the follicle.

Not only are the results permanent, only requiring touch-ups once or twice every year at most, the process is also quick and painless. For example, it only takes five minutes to treat a small area, like a bikini line, hairline or underarms. Large areas, such as your legs, back or arms only require 15 to 30 minutes to treat.

With Laser by Sia, you can enjoy silky smooth skin for the long-term, without having to worry about nasty ingrown hairs. In fact, the treatment will cure your existing ingrown hairs and ensure that you have beautiful, hair-free skin at all times.