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How to Avoid Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are simply hairs that keep growing beneath the skin without actually breaking through the surface. If an ingrown hair becomes infected, it can be extremely painful, not to mention being incredibly unsightly. If you deal with an ingrown hair the wrong way, you risk causing permanent scarring that can leave ugly purple scars for months after the hair was removed.

There are a number of commercial products available on the market to help avoid the problem of ingrown hairs. Numerous creams, lotions and other chemically-based treatments are designed to try and soften the skin to allow the hair to eventually break through the surface.

Likewise, exfoliating your skin gently with an exfoliating glove may also help to remove any dead skin cells, dirt, and grime that may be trapping the ingrown hair. Exfoliation can also sometimes help to break the tip of the hair through the surface, ending the ingrowing cycle.

Yet, most of the treatments available on the supermarket shelves tend to only treat the problem after it has already surfaced. If you would rather avoid ingrown hairs from growing at all, there are some preventive measures you can take.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal to Reduce the Risk of Ingrown Hairs

One of the primary causes of ingrown hairs is breaking the hair off unevenly just below the skin’s surface. This happens when you shave, but it can also happen with waxing treatments. For some people, even wearing tight clothing can cause hairs to become trapped below the surface of the skin.

By comparison, choosing laser hair removal treatment for your body hair removal efforts can actually help you avoid ingrown hairs entirely. Permanent laser hair removal treatments are designed to damage the hair follicle itself so that it becomes unable to support hair regrowth.

Laser clinics use specially designed lasers that use heat and light to treat the areas where you want to eliminate unwanted body hair. Lasers do not actively rip hair out by the roots, leaving a healthy, active, growing follicle in place as waxing does. They also don’t break off the hair at the skin’s surface as shaving does.

Instead, the follicle is targeted directly with a short pulse of heat and light to ensure it does not continue the growth cycle. Any existing ingrown hairs you have are treated, but you also reduce the risk of any more growing at the same time.

Ingrown Hairs Can Strike Anywhere

While most people tend to suffer from ingrown hairs on the bikini line or upper thighs, they can actually happen anywhere you have broken off hair at the surface. Some women struggle with painful ingrown under the arms, while men’s hair removal tactics can often cause ingrown hair to form around the jawline or under the neck.

Visit a skin laser clinic and discuss your option for removing unwanted body hair safely and hygienically. You will find permanent hair removal treatments are ideal for getting rid of body hair on the legs, bikini line, under arms, chest or back for men or women alike. In fact, you should find that laser is ideal for facial hair removal as well.

Book an appointment at Laser by Sia, the premier laser clinic in and around Sydney today and see how we can help you get rid of those ingrown hairs once and for all.

Guide to Facial Hair Removal

Facial hair can be an embarrassing issue for many women, despite the fact that it’s quite common. Hair can start growing on the upper lip, cheeks, forehead, and chin, and it’s generally caused by hormonal issues. Despite being a widespread problem, many women still suffer severe self-confidence issues because of it, which is why they end up resorting to all sorts of facial hair removal treatments in an attempt to get rid of it.

Unfortunately, the results are often less than desirable, since the hair grows back rather quickly. And that’s without taking into account issues such as rashes, infections, ingrown hairs, and the myriad other problems that can arise from traditional hair removal options.

Shaving to Remove Facial Hair

While men shave regularly, most women say they never touch their face with a razor. However, that’s really not true as many women do shave but prefer not to admit it. It’s understandable, considering the stigma attached to a woman who has a lot of facial hair.

However, shaving is not really a good idea. First of all, the razor cuts the hair at such an angle that it can make it difficult for the hair to push through the skin, leading to ingrown hairs. These can become infected and create bright red spots, similar to pimples. They can even leave a scar if the area isn’t treated.

Secondly, the angle at which the hair is cut makes it appear thicker and darker when it’s first growing out. It will eventually return to normal, but for a while you can still appear as if you have more facial hair than you really do.

Also, consider that shaving only solves the problem for a short while. It’s not a permanent hair removal solution, and all you’ll end up doing is irritating your skin because you have to shave so often.

Waxing Facial Hair Off

Another popular hair removal method is waxing. It’s often used on the face to remove hair on the upper lip, on the forehead, the cheeks and any other area that requires treatment. Just like shaving, though, waxing presents multiple problems.

Firstly, it can also lead to ingrown hairs and the problems associated with these. Furthermore, if the wax is too hot when it is applied, it can cause burning and leave behind ugly scars. While this is rare if you are using a reputable beauty salon with experienced professionals, the danger is still there.

The Best Solution Is Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The best way to get rid of your unwanted facial hair is with permanent laser hair removal. Not only does it offer near-permanent results, which translates to as little as one session per year to maintain silky smooth skin on your face, but it is also one of the safest ways to get rid of that hair.

However, like with any sort of treatment, you need to make sure you only put yourself in the hands of the best because otherwise the risks are too great, especially when it comes to your face.

Laser by Sia is a highly reputable skin laser clinic serving the Sydney area. Using the latest technology, the highly experienced, qualified female technicians will take care of your facial hair removal treatment so that you’ll never again have to deal with the embarrassment of excess facial hair. Just put yourself in their hands, and they’ll rid you of all your unwanted hair, whether you’re going in for facial or body hair removal treatment.

How to Deal with Ingrown Hairs with Permanent Hair Removal

Many people struggle to deal with unsightly, painful ingrown hairs. This condition occurs when hair continues to grow beneath the skin’s surface. In some cases, the follicle can also become infected, causing the location of the ingrown hair to swell with pus and become very painful.

Squeezing an infected ingrown hair can cause terrible scarring, so most people look for alternative treatments instead.  There are creams, lotions, and ointments available that are supposed to help remedy ingrown hairs. However, these do not always have the effects you want.

What Causes Ingrown Hairs?

It’s long been known that waxing or shaving can cause ingrown hairs. In fact, anything that causes hair to break off unevenly at the skin’s surface can cause a hair to grow inward beneath the skin. For some people, constantly wearing tight clothing can trigger an ingrown hair.

Home Treatments for Ingrown Hair

Many people resort to using tweezers to try and remove the offending hair from beneath the skin. Unfortunately, this can result in further infection, especially if you need to break the skin to reach the hair.

Another option could be to re-consider your home hair removal treatment choices. If you regularly shave and you suffer with ingrown hairs, you may want to use a different alternative for your body hair removal regime.

Some people may opt to use a depilatory cream instead of damaging the skin’s surface with a razor. Others opt for painful and messy waxing. Unfortunately, both alternatives are temporary options and can still cause more ingrown hairs to appear.

Treating Ingrown Hairs Permanently

Laser hair removal treatment offers significant benefits for anyone suffering with ingrown hairs. As the laser targets each individual hair follicle, even the ones growing beneath the skin are treated. The laser targets the follicle so that it cannot support any regrowth.

Permanent laser hair removal treatments are virtually painless and each session is quick and easy. There’s no hot wax to worry about and no violent yanking hair out by the roots. Instead, the laser sends a pulse of light and heat into the follicle that lasts for a fraction of a second.

If you already have ingrown hairs, treating them with laser can stop them from progressing any further. You also won’t have the issue of new ingrown forming, as hair in the surrounding treated areas won’t grow.

Consult with a Professional Skin Laser Clinic

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with painful ingrown hairs, consider booking a consultation with a professional skin laser clinic. Your technician will advise you on the best course of treatment for your particular hair and skin type and suggest options to suit your needs. Laser by Sia is the top skin laser clinic in the Sydney CBD, Bondi Junction, and Castle Hill areas, and would be able to provide you with permanent laser hair removal using only the best and latest laser technology.

There are plenty of other benefits to permanent body hair reduction and even facial hair removal. Aside from not being plagued by ingrown hairs, you also do not have to worry about shaving every day or getting to the salon every few weeks to wax.  You have the ability to reduce unwanted body hair quickly and easily and ensure that any regrowth is very minimal.

So rather than continue to suffer with ingrown hairs, consider ways to remove the problem permanently. You’ll benefit by having smoother, hair-free skin in the long run.

To Go Bare or Not: Benefits of Brazilian Hair Removal Treatments

What’s considered normal or even beautiful in terms of pubic hair changes over time. Men and women both considered it extremely sexy to have a healthy growth of pubic hair around the vagina and up over the pubis mons for centuries. As the style of bikinis became smaller and skimpier in the 70s and 80s, it became more common for many women to trim the hair around their bikini lines. This led to various hair removal treatments and what they call ‘landscaping’ in the entire bikini line region.

These past few years, it even became ultra-trendy to go completely bare ‘down there’. Removing all your pubic hair is commonly referred to as a Brazilian hair removal treatment.

Should I Get Rid of All Pubic Hair and Go Bare?

If you ask women who are older than their late 30s, many will tell you that pubic hair is an important sign of actually having reached puberty. To those women, the idea of removing all pubic hair and going totally bare reminds them of being like young children who haven’t reached puberty yet.

However, if you ask younger women what they think, they’ll immediately tell you it looks and feels cleaner to them to be totally hair-free. It’s all in the perception, but many people feel that a Brazilian treatment is more aesthetically pleasing and sexier overall.

Are There Health Benefits to a Brazilian Hair Removal Treatment?

Removing your pubic hair won’t affect your health at all. However, it is important to remember that the method of hair removal treatment you choose can cause a range of health implications.

Shaving – If your preferred method of body hair removal is shaving, you can damage your skin with tiny nicks and cuts that can become seriously infected. It’s also wise to remember that cuts and nicks caused by shaving provide additional entry points for sexually transmitted diseases to enter your blood stream. You also have the risk of causing ingrown hairs, which can become infected. An infected ingrown hair is incredibly painful, unsightly and can cause permanent scars.

Waxing – If your preferred method of pubic hair removal is waxing, be very careful where you choose to get your treatments. Heated wax left sitting in a pot may look clean to the naked eye. However, think about the person who received a Brazilian hair removal waxing before you arrived. The salon technician would have dipped a spatula into the wax more than once after applying wax directly to the client’s vagina. This is an easy way to transmit bacterial infections from one client to another. Unhygienic waxing practices can cause a wide range of possible infections, from simple and easy to cure to life-threatening.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment – If you decide to have all your pubic hair removed and you do not want to risk infections or ingrown hairs, you should consider getting your treatment done at laser hair removal clinics. Professional laser clinics provide permanent hair removal options that are quick, effective, and painless. They are also significantly more hygienic, as they use heat and light to destroy the hair follicle. Laser treatments also kill ingrown hairs, which greatly reduces your risk of infection.

Treatments at a laser clinic may seem expensive initially. However, once your treatments are completed you do not have to return as frequently as you would with waxing. You will need just a few sessions to significantly reduce the regrowth and then just one or two sessions each year to maintain and control any regrowth.

If you are keen to remove all your pubic hair for a total Brazilian ‘bare down there’ look, think carefully about your choice of hair removal. There are no actual health advantages or disadvantages to getting rid of your pubic hair, as it is predominantly personal choice.

However, your choice of hair removal treatment is critical. Always opt for a hygienic option such as laser hair removal that will not cut or break your skin or risk bacterial problems. It is also important to go to a reputable and trusted skin laser clinic to ensure that the laser treatment is administered with the best laser technology by experienced and highly-skilled staff.

Here at Laser By Sia, we offer medical grade skin care by highly trained staff so you are sure to get the best Brazilian laser treatment.

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Top Reasons to Go to a Skin Laser Clinic

If you ask most people what comes to mind with a skin laser clinic, the majority will immediately associate it with laser hair removal treatment. While it’s true that a professional skin laser clinic will offer permanent laser hair removal services, there are plenty of other treatments available that you may not have considered.

Here are some of the top reasons to visit a skin laser clinic:

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal is one of the most obvious reasons to visit a high quality skin laser clinic. If you’re sick of the constant need to shave or wax just to keep unwanted body hair under control, you may find the laser hair removal cost extremely affordable.

Add up the cost of paying a salon every month for years to get painful and messy wax treatments. Then consider that waxing and shaving are only temporary solutions.

By comparison, laser hair removal clinics offer the opportunity to have a few pain-free laser treatments that give you long-lasting results. Laser treatments are hygienic and quick and for most people hair simply won’t grow back in treated areas. Once your initial treatments are complete, you may only need to return to the clinic once a year for touch ups, which ends up considerably more cost effective than other hair removal options.

Pigmentation Removal

A good laser clinic will offer medical grade laser treatments designed to help reduce the appearance of pigmentation. Many people struggle to find effective treatments to get rid of freckles, sun spots, and age spots, with many resorting to harsh and often inadequate creams or other lotions in an effort to get results. What they may not realise is that laser treatments can offer a far more effective way to remove pigmentation permanently, safely, and effectively.

Cellulite Treatments

A professional skin laser clinic may be able to offer treatments that can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Those dimply, lumpy sections of flesh where cellulite appears can be remarkably difficult to treat using home remedies. However, it’s very possible to break up dimpled skin by seeking correct treatment with a professional clinic.

Rather than resort to ineffective creams or ointments to try and rub the cellulite away, consider booking a consultation with a professional cosmetic clinic. You’ll be surprised how quick and easy it can be to get rid of cellulite on your thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach.

Facial Treatments, Injectables and Fillers

Smearing a chemically-laden anti-wrinkle cream onto your skin morning and night might offer some temporary results for creating the appearance of smooth skin. Moisturisers and anti-wrinkle creams tend to puff up your skin for a short time, making any fine lines and wrinkles look less prominent.  It’s only when some people realise that creams aren’t getting the results they want that they turn to more drastic measures, such as expensive and painful cosmetic surgery.

However, if you’re after more permanent results you can visit a skin laser clinic to discuss other options.  It’s very possible to remove the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles using non-invasive and non-surgical procedures. The key is to choose a professional laser clinic with the ability to offer injectables and fillers to help you achieve your goals.

Teeth Whitening

Did you know some of the best laser clinics around can also offer pain-free teeth whitening services? In fact, you should find getting a teeth whitening treatment done at a skin laser clinic can be far more cost effective than visiting your dentist for the same results.

The top skin laser clinic in the Sydney CBD, Bondi Junction, and Castle Hill areas is Laser by Sia. Whether you are in need of permanent laser hair removal, pigmentation removal, or any other treatment from a reputable skin laser clinic, Laser By Sia offers these using only the best and latest laser technology.