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5 Warning Signs You Are Considering the Wrong Laser Clinics

Undoubtedly, permanent laser hair removal is the best hair removal treatment there is. It is cost-effective over the long-term, there are no side-effects, and you get near-permanent results. The increase in popularity of this particular hair removal treatment has led to laser clinics popping up like mushrooms after a good rain. Unfortunately, not all of them will offer you the quality of service you need, especially when they are dealing with something as sensitive as your skin. So, here are a few warning signs that the skin laser clinic you are considering is not a good option.

They’re Stonewalling You

It is natural to ask questions. After all, you are putting yourself in their hands and they will be using a laser on your skin, so a little trust is important. If you get stonewalled when you start asking questions about their machines, their procedures, and whether or not they will do a test first, then maybe you have chosen the wrong place for body hair removal.

They Use Older Equipment or IPL

If they answer your questions but you discover they are using older equipment or IPL, then maybe you need to consider another laser clinic. Older lasers are not quite as effective and would probably require more sessions than with the use of some of the latest technology, making your total laser hair removal cost higher.

Intense pulsed light or IPL systems are far less effective than even older lasers. IPL might be cheaper per session, but that is because the technology is also cheaper and is practically useless when compared to newer lasers. In the end, you will find that the prices of treatments using new laser technology are much more attractive because you will only need a few sessions to remove any unwanted hair.

The Staff Have Little Experience and No Qualifications

Any laser clinics worth their salt will have highly-experienced medical technicians that have been trained to the highest degree. They might have a few novices, but they will always have an experienced tech with them. If the staff at the clinic you visit avoids your questions regarding their qualifications, then you really need to check out other clinics.

They Refuse to Give You a Patch Test

A patch test is where they use the laser on a small portion of your skin to ensure that the treatment will work well on your skin. If they refuse to do this, or they are willing to forego it, then you need to be careful.

Skin is sensitive and someone who does not know what they are doing can hurt you, especially if they are using older equipment. A patch test will let you see how capable they are as well, so you really need to make sure you get one first. The clinic’s willingness to give you a patch test also reflects their care and concern for their clients.

That goes for men too, even if you think you have tougher skin because you are a man. You can end up with permanent scarring, especially if you have gone in for facial hair removal. You are better off looking for a clinic that will do the test without quibbling. In fact, quality laser clinics will insist on this test, which is a sign you’re in the right place.

The Laser Hair Removal Price Is Suspiciously Low

We all want to save money, but if the laser clinic in question is charging prices that are much lower than any other clinic, you have to wonder why. You might discover that either they do not have the expertise or they have a poor reputation. Even worse, you might find that you go in expecting to only need a few sessions, happy that you got a great price, only to discover it is actually going to cost you twice as much as any other clinic because you need a dozen sessions!

Choosing the right clinic is essential to get great results without any problems. And while there are many laser clinics to choose from, you need to be cautious, do your research and ask questions.

Whether you need men’s hair removal, or are looking for women’s laser hair removal in Sydney, Laser by Sia is one of the most reputable clinics in the country. Using the latest technology and with a staff of highly-experienced, certified medical technicians, Laser by Sia can solve all your unwanted hair problems. And we do hair removal for men too!

Should You Have Hair Removal Treatment on Your Hands?

Hand hair is not such a serious issue for most women, but for quite a few men it can be a relatively touchy subject. Some do not mind it, while others would love nothing more than to get rid of it. However, it can be very difficult to remove and quite painful as well. With laser hair removal treatment, though, you do not have to worry about any nasty side-effects and you can enjoy smooth, hairless skin for a long time.

Is Hand Hair Removal Safe?

When we say hand hair, we are talking about the hair that seems to refuse to stay where it is supposed to, namely on your arms. It’s the hair that bleeds down and covers the backs and sides of your hands. While not all men have copious quantities, some do and they would love nothing more than to never have to deal with it again.

If you are one of those men who hate the hair on his hands, you might have tried various men’s hair removal techniques to get rid of it, with little thought to the safety or lack thereof of doing this. The good news is that there are no problems from a health viewpoint with removing the hair on your hands. In other words, it does not play any biologically important role which would make its removal a bad idea.

However, there are health risks in terms of the method employed to remove said hair. For example, some traditional techniques include shaving and waxing. Most men would rather stick to shaving because it is quick and easy. Unfortunately, this is not a good method to remove hand hair, because not only does it grow back very quickly but it also leads to numerous ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs can become infected, leading to painful and unsightly pustules. Combined with the miniscule cuts a razor can cause, you are looking at a serious potential for infection, especially since you use your hands to touch so many things, which could be carriers of various types of bacteria.

However, there is no need to worry because there is a method that is highly efficient and completely safe, offering permanent results. Laser hair removal treatment is one of the most effective methods to get rid of unwanted hair, whether you want it done on your face or anywhere else on your body.

The Best Solution for Men: Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal clinics offer men a near-permanent solution that will help them get the hair-free hands they desire. This procedure involves the use of a laser, which heats up the melanin in the follicle, making it unable to support any regrowth. Not only will the regrowth stop, you will also be rid of any ingrown hair.

This treatment is much safer and certainly more effective than any other type of method, offering results that are almost permanent. It only takes a few sessions to remove all the hair in a specific area, and then you only need to go for touch-ups once or twice per year. Some might think the procedure expensive, but when you realise how few sessions you need and how amazing the results are, you will soon agree that laser hair removal prices are totally worth it.

So, if you want to have silky, smooth skin on your hands with nary a hair in sight, your best option is laser hair removal treatment. It will give you the results you are looking for with none of the side-effects of more traditional hair removal treatments.

Visit the premiere laser hair removal clinic in Sydney, Laser by Sia, to get top quality services and care at attractive prices.

Comparing Laser Hair Removal Prices with Other Forms of Hair Removal

One of the main reasons why so many people don’t consider getting permanent hair removal treatments is that they fear the laser hair removal prices. Many seem to believe the initial treatments will break the budget and so they choose options that they think will be cheaper for them.

Home Hair Removal Treatments

In an effort to get rid of unwanted body hair, many people try home hair removal treatments. For a large portion of people, this often means shaving the hair in any area they want to remain hair free.

Good quality razors can be quite expensive. Replacing blades regularly on good razors is also an additional cost that most people don’t stop to think about. There’s also the issue of having to keep spending that money over and over again, as the hair always grows right back from the moment you’ve shaved it. For most people, this means shaving on a daily basis, so you end up spending more time and money than you realise.

Another option some people try at home is depilatory creams for their home body hair removal efforts. These creams are supposed to kill the hair so it withers up and can be washed away. Unfortunately, the hair follicle still remains intact, so the hair grows right back again. If you add up the cost of your time and effort, plus the cost of the cream on a regular basis, it’s not always the cheap option most people expect.

Hair Removal Salons

In an effort to reduce the amount of time and money spent on body hair removal, lots of people book appointments at hair removal salons. These salons use hot wax poured onto sensitive skin and covered with a linen strip. The hair sticks to the wax and the strip is then pulled away quickly to rip the hair out by the roots.

While the hair roots may be gone, the follicle is still intact. This means the hair may take a little longer to grow back, but it definitely returns in around 3 to 4 weeks. At that point, you need to book another appointment to have the painful and messy treatments done all over again.

Laser Hair Removal at Skin Laser Clinics

An alternative to the above methods is the option of permanent laser hair removal. Professional hair removal clinics use high quality lasers to target the hair follicles in treated areas. The treatments are virtually painless and they’re very quick, so there’s no inconvenience to your day.

Once you’ve completed your initial laser hair removal treatment sessions you should find that hair just doesn’t grow back easily. This leaves skin smooth and hair free. It takes approximately eight sessions or more for most of the hair to stop growing altogether, but after that there’s no additional cost of going back for more treatments month after month.

Laser clinics can remove unwanted body hair in almost any area of the body, whether that’s hair on the legs, bikini line, or underarms. Most laser clinics also offer facial hair removal for those who want the hair on their upper lip or chin zapped.

All clinics will offer services for women’s or men’s hair removal treatments, as lasers can treat even large areas, such as on the back or shoulders.

So before you believe the misconception that the laser hair removal cost will be too expensive, take some time to compare how much you’re really paying for those temporary options.

If you’re seeking laser hair removal in Sydney, call and speak to a consultant at Sydney’s premier clinic, Laser by Sia. They’ll explain all their laser hair removal prices in detail and you’ll see for yourself how cost effective they really are.

Which Hair Removal Treatment is Best for You?

Trying to eliminate unwanted body hair can be frustrating, even though there are plenty of home hair removal treatment products available. The problem most people have is that the treatments available don’t give them the hair-free results they really want.

It is important to compare various hair removal treatments and products to find the best one for you. Below are some of the most common hair removal treatments available.

  • Razor. Perhaps the quickest option for immediately body hair removal is shaving. Men commonly use razors for facial hair removal, but in order to remain clean shaven they usually need to shave daily to remove the stubble that comes right back immediately.

The same is true for many women. Shaving legs, underarms and bikini lines every day might seem quick, but razors can damage and cut sensitive skin, causing irritation, rashes and unsightly bumps, not to mention increasing the risk of ingrown hairs.

  • Creams. Hair removal creams may seem like an easier option, but in reality the smelly and often messy creams don’t always remove hair fully. Aside from this, the hair root and follicle are still in place so hair always grows right back again.
  • Wax. Another popular option is waxing. Plenty of people book into waxing salons every few weeks for hair removal treatments on a regular basis. They seem to believe that ripping hair out by the roots painfully every month will save them time on shaving in the weeks between.

What they’re overlooking is that wax is not the most hygienic option, especially if you’re treating the bikini line or going for a full Brazilian treatment. Hot wax that may have been sitting in the same heating pot for some days is smeared onto your skin using an applicator. While the salon employee might decide to get a brand new applicator for your appointment, remember that it’s being spread onto your skin and then dipped back into the pot for more wax several times during your appointment. The same thing happened with multiple customers before you that same day.

  • Laser. Professional laser hair removal clinics give you the option of removing body hair permanently. This actually helps to reduce your overall costs, as you don’t have the ongoing purchases of razors or depilatory creams to think about. You also don’t have to waste time each day maintaining your hair free look.

Instead, permanent laser hair removal actually kills the hair follicle so that hair in treated areas can’t grow back. This type of effect generally takes around four to six treatments for most people to achieve this effect, but there are no further treatments required after that point.

A good skin laser clinic will offer both women’s and men’s hair removal treatments and your consultant will advise you how many treatments you’re likely to need based on your own skin tone and hair colour.

If you’re considering laser hair removal in Bondi Junction, call the professional team at Laser by Sia to discuss your options. A consultant will explain the procedures and work out the best way to help you get the results you want. They’ll also discuss laser hair removal prices specific to the areas you want treated.

Laser by Sia offers three conveniently located laser clinics for laser hair removal in Sydney, so choose one that is handy for you and book in your appointment today.