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Permanent Facial Hair Removal Treatments Eliminate Unwanted Facial Hair for Good

Getting rid of unwanted facial hair doesn’t have to involve messy creams or painful waxing. Laser hair removal from the specialists at Laser by Sia can eliminate hair for good.

It’s surprising that so many people overlook the benefits of laser hair removal treatment. Instead, they opt for facial hair removal options that can be messy, painful and expensive.

As an example, visiting a waxing salon to get hair on the top lip, the chin, or even the eyebrows waxed isn’t cheap. Add to this the pain of having hair ripped out by the roots and the resulting red rash on the skin for some time afterwards and it doesn’t make sense. To make matters worse, the hair grows right back again within a couple of weeks, which means more money spent on the same treatments month after month.

On the other hand, permanent laser hair removal takes just minutes and is virtually pain free. The hair in treated areas can’t grow back, as the follicles are destroyed. This leaves skin smooth and hair free for a very long time.

Before judging the laser hair removal prices shown on a brochure or website, always consider that after the first few treatments the costs stop. This can’t be said of waxing or buying depilatory creams or razors on a regular basis over years. Adding up the costs properly should indicate that permanent hair removal is a far more cost effective option.

Most laser clinics offer women’s and men’s hair removal treatment. The skilled team at Laser by Sia offer a range of body hair removal treatments including facial hair removal for the sensitive and delicate facial area. It makes no difference whether the treatment area is relatively small, such as on the top lip or a few stubborn hairs growing from the chin, or more sensitive areas such as a complete Brazilian treatment, or even men’s hair removal on the back or shoulders. The key is to discuss options with a skilled technician at Laser by Sia prior to commencing any treatments.

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About Laser by Sia: Considered Sydney’s premier laser hair removal clinic, Laser by Sia strives to provide professional service and great results.

Take Advantage of Man-scaping at Laser Hair Removal by Sia

When most people think about permanent hair removal, they tend to associate these body hair removal treatments as being predominantly for women. However, Laser by Sia also offers significant benefits with men’s hair removal treatments.

Many men struggle with self-esteem issues caused by unwanted body hair. This has become especially prevalent since glossy magazines and TV commercials highlight the male physique as being virtually hair free.

This is where some subtle and carefully considered man-scaping can be a blessing. Having laser hair removal treatment on areas where unwanted body hair is growing can reduce the amount of body hair significantly.

Body hair removal treatments may include reducing the amount of hair growing on the back or shoulders, both areas that many men feel self-conscious about. Likewise, facial hair removal can help to limit the amount of hair that grows outside of traditional beard lines, such as high up on the cheeks or even on the backs of the ears.

While some men may have experimented with home hair removal treatment options, they don’t tend to consider laser clinics as their first option. This is predominantly due to the misconception that laser hair removal prices will be too expensive.

The skilled professionals at Laser by Sia recommend that all clients take the time to accurately compare the cost of alternative treatments that need to be repeated every month for years to come with the cost of laser hair removal treatments. The initial cost for the first treatments won’t be continued once the hair stops growing in treated areas. By comparison, shaving and waxing need to be repeated very regularly, incurring ongoing costs that end up being far more expensive than the cost of laser treatments.

The team at Laser by Sia encourage customers to call and book a consultation to discuss individual treatment requirements. This helps to ensure that the best treatment options are offered in order to achieve the best possible results.

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About Laser by Sia: Sydney’s premier laser hair removal clinic, Laser by Sia strives to ensure all clients receive the best possible treatments to suit their individual goals and needs.

Choosing the Right Skin Laser Clinic

If you’re considering undergoing permanent laser hair removal treatments, you will need to seek out the services of a professional skin laser clinic. There are several to choose from in Sydney, so always be sure you choose a professional company with a long-standing reputation for excellent service.

Before you book an appointment, here are some things you should ask your consultant

What Treatments Are Available?

Most laser clinics will offer laser hair removal treatments that are designed to eliminate unwanted body hair permanently. There are different types of lasers being used for permanent hair removal, so always keep yourself well informed of the results that you can expect to achieve with the specific types of lasers in the clinic you’re considering.

However, a good quality clinic will also offer medical-grade laser treatments to remove cellulite or to reduce the appearance of age spots, or pigmentation. When you book an appointment at a Laser by Sia clinic, you’ll learn that they offer non-surgical cosmetic and anti-aging treatments that include injectables and fillers. They also provide professional teeth whitening service to restore that white smile.

What Types of Hair Removal Treatment Are Available?

It’s surprising how many women spend years visiting the same waxing salon to get their legs or bikini lines waxed, only to be surprised at the alternatives that a laser clinic offers. Laser treatments can be remarkably effective for facial hair removal, such as eliminating hair growth on the upper lip or under the chin.

Women are not the only ones who visit clinics for treatments. You should find that a good clinic will also happily offer men’s hair removal as well. Some men look for discrete and confidential body hair removal treatments when they feel self-conscious about unwanted hair on the back or shoulders. Others want nothing more than some permanent ‘man-scaping’ to neaten the scenery.

What are the Laser Treatment Costs?

One of the primary reasons so many people put off enquiring about laser hair removal is the perception that the price tag will be high. This is a common misconception, simply because most people usually do not try to work out exactly what the real costs are.

When compared to the constant on-going costs of visiting a waxing salon every three or four weeks, the price of laser treatments is considerably cheaper overall. The amount you pay for your initial four to six treatments adds up to far less cost to you than the money you pay to a waxing salon month after month for years to come. This is simply because your hair always grows right back after waxing, but with lasers the hair follicle is completely destroyed, so it can’t grow back.

Despite the number of skin laser clinics around the Sydney area, laser hair removal prices can vary greatly. It’s important to compare the value for service you receive before booking your appointment. This will help to ensure that you’re receiving the best possible treatments and getting the best results for your money.

Laser by Sia’s premier treatment clinics offer laser hair removal in Castle Hill, Bondi Junction and in the Sydney CBD, so there’s a convenient location to suit almost everyone. If you’re searching for laser hair removal in Sydney, call Laser by Sia and compare the difference.

7 Things You Should Know Before Having Permanent Laser Hair Removal

7 Things You Should Know Before Having Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Beard Hair Removal

Beard Hair Removal at laser by sia

The idea of removing unwanted body hair for good can be very appealing to many people. Permanent laser hair removal can mean you retain silky, hair-free skin for extended periods of time without needing any touch-up treatments. However, before you have your treatments done, there are some things you should know.

1. Results Aren’t Immediate

When you first visit a skin laser clinic, you may be expecting your laser hair removal treatment to immediately get rid of all that hair. This just isn’t true.

Before you even book in for your treatment your consultant should ask you to shave the areas you want to treat 2 days prior to your appointment. This allows your hair to grow into very short stubble over those 2 days. This will allow the therapist treating you for the first time to accurately assess your hair in terms of thickness and amount and see if you are a suitable candidate for laser hair removal.

Your treatment takes a couple of minutes from there, but don’t expect to walk out of the clinic totally hair free. It doesn’t work that way.

2. Hair Falls Out in 10-14 Days

After your treatment, you will still have that annoying little bit of stubble. However, the follicles underneath those hairs are dead so any hair remaining will usually fall out in around 10 to 14 days. Your consultant will advise you how to keep that stubble under control until the hair falls out.

3. You Need More Than One Treatment

Far too many people book in for just one laser treatment and expect their hair to never grow back. This won’t work. Hair grows in three different phases. During your first treatment, you may have only killed the follicles in the active growth phase. This means the remaining hair in the same region wasn’t treated yet. This is the reason why you need to book subsequent appointments. For most people, you should start to see good results after 4 to 6 treatments.

4. It is the Closest Thing You Can Get to Permanent

After around 5 or 6 treatments, most people notice that there is almost no regrowth of hair in the treated area at all. However, some people may notice a small amount of regrowth. There is typically around 70% to 80% reduction in the amount of hair that grows back, so it should appear much sparser and lighter. You may require a touch-up treatment once a year to maintain that little bit of hair regrowth.

5. Not Everyone is a Good Candidate for Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatments offer excellent results for those who want to remove their hair permanently. However, not everyone is automatically a good candidate. If you have fair skin and relatively dark hair, your treatments should work just fine. However, if you have fair skin and fair hair, there’s not a lot for the laser to target. Likewise, if you have darker toned skin the laser will actually target the melanin in the skin, rather than the follicle.

It’s always best to discuss treatment options with a professional consultant who specialises in permanent hair removal.

6. Results May Differ on Various Parts of the Body

Due to certain hair growth being hormonally stimulated, there are certain areas on the body for both women and men that can be driven through hormones. These areas can still be treated effectively, given that the hair is dark, but may only get thinner and lessen, and may need more treatments to achieve up to a 50% reduction.

7. Choosing the Right Clinic Matters

It’s vitally important you choose the right laser clinic for your body hair removal treatments. A premier clinic like Laser by Sia has an excellent reputation for outstanding treatments across Sydney. If you’re thinking about permanent hair removal options, always take the time to do your homework and choose the best clinic you can find with skilled technicians who will happily answer all your questions before you proceed. At Laser by Sia, we offer state-of-the-art and well-maintained equipment while providing excellent permanent laser hair removal treatments.