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Looking for a Great Hair Clinic? Sydney has One that Really Shines

It’s hard to zero in on the one Australian laser clinic for hair removal that’s going to give you the best service and price each and every time. However, if you take your time now and do a little research you’ll find that the process isn’t as difficult as you might believe it to be. While it is the home of many impressive laser clinics, Sydney is also home to one of the top hair clinics Australia has to offer: Laser by Sia.

Laser Hair Removal for Women

Laser by Sia offers a wide range of hair removal services for men and women in addition to other medical-grade facial treatment services. While men may not feel that dealing with unwanted body and/or facial hair is all that embarrassing, many women find these same things to be traumatic experiences. Laser by Sia takes great pride in treating not only the condition of having unwanted hair but also in helping women overcome their fears and self-doubts so they can really come out of their shells once the hair removal has taken place.

Women from all social and economic groups can benefit from not only our facial hair removal services but also our skin care clinic. Sydney may have many competitors but few offer the same level of service, knowledge, and technology to help you really look and feel your best. We even offer teeth whitening services to help you give your smile a bit of a lift and another added level of confidence for you.

Women today also prefer a few more intimate hair removal services from the laser clinic they choose. We offer those services as well. These services include:

•         Belly or “snail trail” hair removal

•         Bikini hair removal

•         Brazilian hair removal

•         Breast hair removal

•         Nipple hair removal

•         Stomach hair removal

•         Vaginal hair removal

Men’s Hair Removal Services by Sia

While most men aren’t traumatised by their body hair, they also like to impress the women in their lives. For this reason men are biting the bullet, more and more often, and having their own hair removed. Once they do it the first time, and understand just how much women appreciate a smooth, hairless chest and back, they invariably come back for follow-up treatments to remove hair in other areas.

Men also find that they appreciate avoiding the need to shave daily. Our facial hair removal services for men include beard hair removal so that your beard always looks perfectly sculpted and neck hair removal for a polished look overall.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal by Sia

There are many things you should consider when trying to find the best laser clinic Sydney City has to meet your skin care and hair removal needs. Here are just a few reasons to make sure Laser by Sia is one of the top of your “better skin laser clinic to explore” list. Here are a few reasons it should rank high on almost any comparative list you prepare—if not all of them:


•         Laser by Sia offers cost effective treatments and services

•         Our staff is fully trained in the technology, tools, and services we offer.

•         Our offices are comfortable and discrete.

•         Our lasers are registers with (ARTG) otherwise known as The Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

We don’t use last year’s hair removal and skin care technology. We employ the latest technology so you can enjoy lasting results from the very beginning. You can find many reasons to enjoy the services Laser by Sia has to offer and never even need to remember that you can enjoy all these services without leaving the city. Laser clinic hair removal services like this are too good to pass up. Make sure you don’t miss out.

Skin Laser Clinic – We’ve Got Your Laser Needs Covered

Looking for a top Sydney City laser clinic? You don’t have to go as far to find excellent as you might imagine. Laser by Sia offers medical grade laser services and many other excellent cosmetic services to help you put your best face, smile, and body forward. We take great pride in being the go to laser clinic Sydney has to offer. When searching for a new cosmetic or laser clinic, Sydney City residents need look no further than Laser by Sia.

What Services are Offered at Laser by Sia?

Laser by Sia is so much more than an average skin care clinic. Sydney has plenty of those. We go the extra mile and invest our time and energy towards helping you look and feel your brightest, most beautiful, and most confident best. While we are most famous for being an excellent Australian laser clinic for hair removal, that’s only part of what we offer our guests. These are just a few of the services we offer:

•         Bio light therapy

•         Injectables and fillers

•         Cellulite reduction

•         Chiral skin peels

•         Laser hair removal

•         Laser pigmentation removal

•         Medical grade facials

•         Skin tightening

•         Teeth whitening services

•         Wrinkle reduction

The real beauty at Laser by Sia isn’t in the services we offer but in the advanced technology and equipment we use to provide these services. Even more important than the equipment, however, is the level of training and skill our technicians have for the purpose of helping you look your best.

Women’s Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal is one of the primary reasons women, of all ages and from all walks of life, choose to visit an Australian laser clinic. They want it gone and most of them have tried over and over again to get rid of it only to have it keep coming back time and time again. Of all the laser clinics Sydney has to offer, we believe we have the top technology for hair removal and can serve your needs best.

The services we offer our guests for hair removal include:

•         Bikini hair removal

•         Brazilian hair removal

•         Body hair removal

•         Chin hair removal

•         Ear hair removal

•         Eyebrow hair removal

•         Lip hair removal

•         Nose hair removal

•         Stubble removal

•         Underarms hair removal

•         Laser by Sia for Men

While most people associate laser hair removal with women, there are many men who use this valuable service too. We are well versed in the latest technology to make this as painless of a process as possible.

We offer many different men’s hair removal options in our laser hair clinic. Sydney doesn’t have many facilities that are as skilled in dealing with the unique needs men face with hair removal in the beard and neck area. Others may have similar experience, with body hair removal for the arms, hands, genitals, back, buttocks, legs, and chest.

In addition to all the hair removal options you’ll find at Laser by Sia, you’ll also enjoy many different skin treatment procedures if you choose to take advantage of them. Some of the treatments we offer target dry skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin, aging skin, wrinkles, sagging skin, and even red irritated skin.

The final note to remember is that Laser by Sia is the only laser skin clinic you need to know about in and around Sydney if you’re in the market for a new clinic to meet you skin care and hair removal needs.

Laser Removal Hair Clinic – Sydney has one that Truly Shines

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and laser systems for hair removal are moving right along with the rest of technology. Laser by Sia, the only laser clinic Sydney offers that gives residents the latest laser hair removal technology available today at startlingly affordable prices.

Laser by Sia is the first and only Australian laser clinic to offer the fourth generation Candela Gentlelase Pro Laser for hair removal. The advances in this particular laser are light years beyond anything else currently on the market. Lasers that are used in laser clinics, Sydney and beyond, have gone through many changes over the years. The first lasers used multiple wavelength technology while the newest lasers on the market are extremely precise and powerful lasers. This particular laser promises excellent results for hair removal and so much more.

This technology is the first of its kind to be offered in any Australian city laser clinic and is extremely exciting because it offers permanent hair reduction results in as few as eight sessions. This has been virtually unheard of up until this point. The results are amazing and hair either grows in lighter and thinner at this point or simply doesn’t return at all.

But this laser isn’t only about hair removal. This laser is delivering exceptional results when it comes to reducing darker pigmentations. People who have freckles, age spots, and other discolouration of the skin are finding the lasers to be truly impressive. Even better is the fact that these lasers release thermal heat that can also be used to treat skin that is sagging as well as wrinkles. What more can anyone ask for from a skin care clinic?

By offering the latest technology available in Australia, Laser by Sia is putting the competition in somewhat of a stranglehold. They simply have the best equipment that’s available today in any skin laser clinic throughout Australia making them a force in the Sydney area for anyone who is interested in hair removal and other anti-aging laser treatments. Visit: to learn more about the latest advances in laser technology and the various services Laser by Sia has to offer today. It won’t take long to see why many people believe it’s the best laser clinic Sydney City has to offer.

Australian Skin Laser Clinic Reduces Hair Growth and More

Unwanted facial hair can cause embarrassment and lower self-esteem for a lot of women. This problem can easily be solved with hair removal treatments from Laser by Sia. Our treatments easily and painlessly remove the hair and also reduce regrowth so that fewer treatments will be needed over time.

The hair removal processes women are used to are painful and may result in many skin issues. Shaving, waxing, and plucking— all of these require high pain thresholds and may cause equally painful ingrown hairs. Laser by Sia leads the way in eliminating these things from being a problem again.

Tried another Australia Laser Clinic without Results?

There are many different types of lasers; each of them with varying efficiency at removing hair. At Laser by Sia, we use Selective Photothermolysis which converts the laser into heat energy that causes damage to the hair at the follicle. After several treatments, the follicle is no longer able to support hair growth.

Successful laser hair removal like this is essentially unheard of throughout Australia today but that will change with Laser by Sia’s treatments. Compare this with treatments from other Sydney skin care clinics and see how the results stack up. Our results can stand up well to the competition and will help you bring your confidence back.

Check out what Laser by Sia has to offer today and be prepared to be blown away.

Remove All Unwanted Hair – The Truth About Hair Removal

When talking about laser hair removal, we are actually talking about hair ‘reduction’. Why? Because, in the strictest, most literal, sense, complete hair removal so that not even one hair grows back, ever, is actually impossible.

But that’s certainly not to say that laser hair reduction is not effective. Following your complete treatment course, you may need one or two ‘touch up’ treatments annually to keep any stray hairs at bay. And when you compare a single laser hair reduction treatment PER YEAR, with DAILY plucking and/or shaving, you can see why laser hair reduction is so popular.

Laser hair reduction works by using a specific wavelength of light to ‘attach’ to the melanin in a hair follicle and damage that hair follicle. Once the follicle is damaged enough, it can obviously not grow any more hairs.

But, not all hair reduction methods are the same. At laser By Sia, we use the latest alexandrite laser technology, and not IPL. Why? Because IPL emits several non-specific wavelengths of light, so its hair reduction results can be pretty hit and miss. The Alexandrite laser, on the other hand, emits a single and precise wavelength of light, which is the ideal wavelength to reach the hair follicles, for the best hair reduction results.

The best hair for laser hair reduction is thick, dark hair, which is good news as this is the type of hair most people want to remove! Thick dark hair has the most melanin, so you get the best laser hair reduction results. After every session, hair will grow back lighter and finer than it was before, until the hair is so fine and light it is unnoticeable, or it just doesn’t grow back at all.

Laser hair reduction can be used anywhere on the face or body, except for under the eyebrows, as this is too close to the eye. Sessions take only minutes, and you will need around 10 sessions to see significant hair reduction.

Contact Laser By Sia on 8323 7519 for more information about hair reduction, or any of our other amazing technology, including teeth whitening, cellulite removal, cosmetic injectables, chemical-free, medical grade skin care, skin rejuvenation and age spot removal.