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Annoying Facial Hair Removal – stat!

Got some annoying facial hair that you wish to banish? Or perhaps you are just tired of the daily plucking/waxing/shaving of unwanted hair and all the disadvantages that go along with it?

Laser By Sia has the solution for you. Using our laser hair removal technology, we can get rid of annoying facial hair—for good.

Annoying facial hair removal at Laser By Sia is quick and easy; with only a few recommended sessions, your annoying facial hair will be finer, lighter and less noticeable.

You can opt for this procedure to remove all unwanted hair on your face, including those in your upper lip, cheeks, and neck, and to trim messy hair line and sideburns. At the same time, you can say goodbye to ingrown hairs and all issues that may result from other methods.

Visit Laser By Sia now and get rid of that annoying facial hair with our state-of-the-art laser hair removal.

Women’s body hair removal at Laser By Sia

Imagine not having to shave, pluck or wax ever again? Imagine a life free of the itchy lumps and bumps of ingrown hairs?

This hair and ingrown free life is now possible thanks to the latest in laser body hair removal, for women and men.

Laser hair removal is a revolution because, unlike other forms of hair removal, over time it actually damages the hair follicle, leading to reduced hair growth.

Women’s body hair removal used to involve a monthly waxing session, or daily plucking and shaving. It was frustrating, because women found that no matter how many times they waxed, the hair just kept on growing back.

Women’s body hair removal using laseris different. Laser works by converting light energy into heat, targeting the melanin in a hair follicle and destroying it. This, in turn, damages the hair follicle until is becomes so weak it either does not grow hair, or grows finer, lighter hair very sporadically. So a daily shave or a monthly wax becomes a yearly laser touch up session to keep hair at bay.

It’s no wonder women are flooding into Laser By Sia for body hair removal just before summer! Contact us now!

Underarm hair removal

Tired of never ending underarm hair removal? Removing your underarm hair using methods like shaving and waxing can seem endless. And these methods of underarm hair removal can also lead to very painful and unsightly ingrown hairs.

The underarms are particularly prone to ingrowns and infections because of the high level of bacteria in the area. Not only are ingrowns common, but infections like boils are commonplace after waxing and shaving.

But now, Laser By Sia has an alternative. Using our laser underarm hair removal, you will not only have smooth, hair free underarms for longer, you will also never suffer from ingrowns or infections again.

This is because laser underarm hair removal at Laser By Sia leads to permanent underarm hair reduction. And after your recommended number of sessions, you will only need one or two touch-up sessions per year to keep your underarms completely hair-free. Compare that to daily shaving!

And because each laser treatment immediately stops the hair from growing, this means no more ingrowns–ever!

So if you are tired of underarm hair removal that leads to infections and ingrowns, come and see Laser By Sia and find out how the latest laser technology can help.