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Laser Facial Hair Removal

Laser facial hair removal can change lives. Suddenly, those who suffered from embarrassing facial hair can finally be rid of the problem and enjoy the boost in confidence this achieves.

Many women and men suffer from unwanted facial hair, be it hair on the upper lip, cheeks, chin or forehead. Previously, the only way to remove this hair was to wax or shave daily, and risk the stubble, razor rash and ingrowns these types of hair removal methods entail.

But laser facial hair removal is different. It will take longer and longer to grow back until, after the completion of your recommended number of treatments, the hair will either not grow back at all, or only require a treatment or two per year to keep it at bay.

Even more amazing is that laser facial hair removal results in no ingrown hairs again, ever. So for effective, discreet laser facial hair removal, visit Laser By Sia in Sydney CBD, Castle Hill or Bondi Junction.

Bikini Hair Removal at Laser By Sia

A lot of people go for a bikini wax during the summer season to wear bikinis. With the bikini hair removal at Laser By Sia, you can be hair-free permanently, no matter what season it is. You will never suffer from painful waxing and ingrown hairs ever again!

Bikini hair removal using the latest state-of-the art laser technology is faster than a wax. The laser targets and impairs the hair follicles, resulting to regrowth that is steadily lighter and finer with each treatment. After the completion of your recommended number of sessions, you will hardly have any hair on the treated area!

Most people report no hair regrowth; and any minor regrowth can be treated with only one or two touch up sessions per year! Compare this to your monthly waxing and you will clearly see the advantages.

As an added bonus, this treatment immediately kills any ingrown hairs and prevents new ones from developing. Hence, there is nothing else standing between you and the perfect bikini line come summer.

Contact Laser By Sia for bikini hair removal now!

Brazilian Hair Removal

Considering brazilian hair removal? Before you book in for endless painful monthly waxing sessions, give us a call at Laser By Sia and find out about our brazilian laser hair removal.

Brazilian laser hair removal removes all the unwanted hair of a brazilian wax, with the added bonus of no ingrown hairs and significant hair reduction, following a recommended number of sessions.

That’s right, your brazilian laser hair removal means saying goodbye to waxing and shaving for good! This is because, unlike other hair removal methods, brazilian laser hair removal targets and damages the hair follicle, meaning after your sessions, the hair can no longer grow. Over the long term, this not only saves you in pain, but also money, because those monthly brazilian waxes are no longer necessary!

Our brazilian hair removal also means banishing those irritating ingrowns for good and instantly getting rid of any existing ingrown hairs.

So if brazilian laser hair removal sounds like something you’d like to try, give Laser By Sia a call and enjoy the smoothness!

What to look for when deciding on a laser hair removal clinic

At Laser By Sia, we pride ourselves on being upfront and honest with clients and potential clients alike. This is why we aim to give you not only the facts about our clinics, but also everything you need to know before embarking on laser hair removal with any clinic.

Before deciding on a laser hair removal clinic, you need to know:

Does the clinic use the latest, most advanced technology, or older laser equivalents, like IPL? New technology, like our alexandrite technology, uses a single, precise wavelength of light to target the melanin in a hair follicle precisely, meaning fewer treatments in the long run. Older IPL technology uses an array of wavelengths, making it not as effective and therefore more expensive in the long term.

Does the clinic lock you into treatments you may not need? Some clinics only offer set packages for laser hair removal, meaning you end up paying for sessions you may not need. At Laser By Sia, we give you various payment options, so you can choose what’s best for you.

Does you clinic promise unrealistic results? Laser cannot effectively treat certain hair and skin types. Similarly, some clinics may call laser ‘permanent’ but this is not strictly true, as you may need a touch-up session or two in the future.

At Laser By Sia, we use the latest technology and are upfront with you about your expected results, payment options and the effectiveness of the treatments. Contact us now!