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Laser Hair Removal

Everyone should have the opportunity to remove unwanted hair. At Laser by Sia we make this possible for both men and women. Come into any of our clinics and see how we can assist you!

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Facial Treatments

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We showcase some fantastic hair removal before and after pictures and there are many more available to see in any of our clinics.

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Bikini Line Hair Removal

Hair removal has become affordable for everyone. Since 2005 we have been providing treatments in Sydney to more than 20,000 clients. its no wonder we are considered the most reputable laser hair removal clinic in Sydney. For any questions or FREE consultations please come in and see us and find out how these treatments can benefit you.

  • Effectiviness 95%
  • Down Time 5%
  • Results 95%
  • Skin Trauma 5%

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Laser Hair Removal by Sia

Laser by Sia is one of the most respected, reputable laser hair removal clinics in Sydney. Our hard-won reputation is the result of years in the laser industry, perfecting our skills and ensuring that our services use the latest technology and are administered by experienced and trained professionals. In fact, our clinic staff undergo rigorous testing and ongoing training, so our customers get the best and most experienced people available. We are honest with our clients, meaning we tell you upfront what results you can realistically expect from our hair removal service. We believe that laser hair reduction should be affordable. For this reason, our clinic offers the most cost-effective and top quality services in Australia. Our clinic offers the best, most permanent hair removal system using the very latest international technology. We use the latest Candela Alexandrite technology and not IPL, which means our treatments are the most effective for permanent hair removal. This means that your treatments will be more successful and you will also need fewer sessions compared to other types of treatments. Our treatment can remove unsightly hair from your face, nose, ears, eyebrows, cheeks, neck, back, chest, feet, arms, genital area, and more. In fact, we can permanently remove hair from just about anywhere

Our Laser Hair Removal Process

Our clinic’s laser hair removal process is quick, hygienic and easy. It only takes approximately 5 minutes to treat your hairline, bikini line, underarms or your neck to get rid of annoying collar rash and ingrowns, or approximately 15-30 minutes to treat larger areas such as the legs, back or arms. Please refer to our price list for a comprehensive rundown of our services.

Comparing LaserbySia to other laser clinics & Hair Removal Methods

Laser centers are popping up all over the place, but can you really trust these? Many of these clinics make unrealistic promises, make you pay for your entire treatment course upfront, or use older laser equivalents. We use actual Candela Alexandrite lasers, the most advanced laser technology available today, and NOT IPL at our clinics. Unlike IPL, our lasers emit one exact wavelength, which is the correct wavelength to stick to the melanin in the hair and damage the follicle – for the best and most permanent result. Aside from getting rid of unwanted hair, we can also treat and prevent ingrown hairs.

Laser Stops Ingrowns!

Medically, laser is the only treatment which permanently stops ingrowns as well as gets rid of hair. Laser stops hair from getting trapped under the skin which would normally result into infection due to the trapped oil and strand. So avoid ingrown hair by visiting us here at Laser by Sia.

Benefits at LaserbySia

At Laser by Sia, you can expect:

  • Affordable, premium quality treatments
  • Qualified staff and medical practitioners
  • A luxurious, discrete environment
  • Lasers registered with The Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG)

So if you are looking for a clinic that offers you an affordable way of removing unwanted hair almost anywhere on your face or body, allow Laser by Sia in Bondi Junction, Castle Hill and Sydney’s CBD to provide you with professional, discreet and friendly permanent hair removal treatments.

What our Customers have to say about LaserbySia

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the Talking!

Going to Laser by Sia has changed my life. I no longer have to worry about removing my hair daily by shaving. I’ll never have to worry about shaving cuts or rashes again. Read more

Lisa, Bondi

I was nervous about having laser hair removal but after going to Laser by Sia I never looked back. Laser by Sia has a professional and friendly environment. I felt truly comfortable and the clinic is lovely. Read more

Tanya, Vaucluse

It’s just amazing. I used to suffer tremendously from ingrowns and now I have a perfectly smooth and clear bikini line, not to mention hair free! Going to the beach has become a pleasure and not an embarrassment. Read more

Sue, Bellevue Hill

Thanks guys I really love coming to visit you for treatments I have been to a few places and you guys rock!. Read more

Freddie, Ashfield

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